Infuriating ‘First World Problems’ That Are Awful but Relatable

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Get ready to get mildly infuriated. Folks on Reddit put together the definitive list of the worst ‘First World Problems’ you could ever experience, and it’s so freaking real. Have you ever caught your belt loop on the handle of a door or slow-rolled through a stop sign only to see some police lights start flashing? One of those, “damn, today’s just not my day” kind of problems.

This post takes the term First World Problem and cranks it up to 11. We are the Spinal Tap of First World Problems articles. We’re not talking about stubbing your toes or tripping over your words on a first date. This is the real deal. The real tiny inconveniences that will make you feel oh so cringy in how relatable it all is.

So get ready to back away slowly, as we recount some of our absolute favorites. Or should we say, least favorites?

Having a refrigerator full of food but not wanting any of it to eat. So you grab the $500 smartphone and place a $20 order for pizza, soda, and wings. The pizza arrives and you tip the pizza guy a few bucks but only do it out of courtesy. You then proceed to sit down and flip through hundreds of channels that you pay for and deem nothing watchable. So you load up Netflix and watch a show you’ve already seen. Slice after slice until the pizza that could feed a family of 4 you don’t even eat the crust you just throw it away. You aren’t even watching the tv. You’re on your phone on Reddit talking about the worst first world problems._darzy

But I would eat the crust. People who don’t eat the crust are monsters.

When you’re going through self serve at the supermarket and you take your groceries off weight thing too early so it thinks you’re stealing. Then it stops and says wait for assistance so you have to awkwardly wave over the attendant.Albri323

Machine: “Place item in bagging area” Me: places item Machine: “Unexpected item in bagging area.”ManOfNinetyNine

Getting pissed at my phone for hanging on to the one last bar of wifi when I can switch over to data.themanyfaceasian

I refuse to use data in my own home when I pay $75 a month for internet.

Clam shell plastic packaging.my_future_wife

Scissors packaged in clam shell plastic packaging. This is the ultimate evil in the universe.

When automatic sinks don’t sense your hand at the right time and you’re just fisting the air with a handful of soap.grimkardashian

Every time I use a public restroom, I wish someone would let me just turn a freaking handle. I’m about to wash my hands. I don’t care if it’s dirty.

Being bored on the internet.RaidanRam

Just randomly opening Instagram then Twitter then Facebook then Reddit until my boredom drives me to do something actually productive.

When you hit the “restart” button instead of “shut-down”.Communism_Destroyer

I once hit “reset” instead of “restart” and my TV just deleted all of its apps and preferences. Smart TVs are the dumbest things on the planet.

People that don’t know that a traffic light works like a four way stop when a traffic light goes out. It’s like driving through a demolition derby.micron429

If I miss my turn because you were on your phone, I personally believe you’re going straight to hell.

Complaining about the quality of the food brought directly to your lap while you lay back, watching movies, drinking wine and flying majestically through the sky like a 21st-century fat slobby unicorn.HacksawJimDGN

I can never find that sweet spot of showing up exactly when it’s ideal. But then again, I try to just never fly, ever.

We’ve all experienced this extreme pain. Only comparable to childbirth.

When your earbuds get caught in something and gets yanked out of your ears. Bonus points if it makes you drop your phone.Yeemo

Because looking like a total douche is somehow better than ripping a hole that runs from your earlobe all the way around to your other earlobe.

Feeling sad because you’re human and humans feel that way sometimes, but then looking at every wonderful privilege you have around you and feeling bad for feeling sad…   Also tangled earphones….screw those knotty f******!Mwiththreehumps

I feel sad right now. Mostly because this guy feels sad. And because a lot of you probably feel sad. Which makes me sad. Sad!

Someone put a Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pocket in my box of Meatball Hot Pockets. Cooked a “Meatball” Hot Pocket and got Pepperoni Pizza.slider728

Honestly, either way, I just want a hot pocket now…

The three attempts it takes to plug in a USB cable.Scrappy_Larue

Heck, my iPhone cable takes me like six attempts to get right in the dark, so maybe there’s some truth to that statement.

Hot dogs being sold in packages of 10. Hot dog buns being sold in packages of 8.PoseidonsHairyNipple

Was that too specific of a picture to paint on this public forum? Probably.

This isn’t even a first world problem, this is just a problem.

When you reach over to grab some water on the nightstand and accidentally spill it over your phone, tablet, wallet and have to wake up and dry everything off really fast and you still don’t even get your water.Halloween_Cake

Lose all of my technology to the Great Water Spill of 2019, become Amish, and live a life of incredible humility. Just kidding, that sounds awful.