Inmates Filmed Rushing to Save Police Officer After He Suffers a Heart Attack

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The inmates at Gwinnett County Jail, Georgia have been commended after they rallied together in order to help a police officer who was suffering a cardiac arrest right in front of them.

Keep scrolling for the full video of the heroes recalling the incident.

Obviously, if you do the crime, you have to face the consequences.

And prisons in the U.S. are especially bad.

There have been reports of inmates getting into fights, attacking officers, and even harming themselves.

According to, the reasons for the largest rates of incarceration fall under the category of violent crimes including assault, robbery, and rape.

While some inmates have been lucky enough to get an early release, others have been put under much more stressful situations.

And prisoners, who are forced to share cells with a number of different inmates, are at a huge risk of contracting the virus themselves.

It truly must be a harrowing experience.

Sometimes people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time or hang out with the wrong crowd.

And don’t even get us started on unfair conviction rates. That’s a whole other story.

The word “prisoner” conjures up lots of negative connotations, usually of people who have found themselves on the wrong path in life.

Security footage captures inside Gwinnett County Jail in Georgia showed us that despite what people may assume about them, not all inmates are “bad people.”

After Deputy Hobbs started acting a little different to his usual demeanor, Terry Loveless, Walter Whitehead, and Mitchell Smalls decided to keep an extra watchful eye on him.

The 3 men, who were locked in their prison cells at the time of the incident, immediately started banging on the doors while simultaneously calling out for Hobbs.

That’s right, all 68 that were locked away in their cells banded together to save this officer’s life. He was suffering from a cardiac arrest and bleeding from his head.

This opened the door to one cell in which 2 prisoners were in. The footage shows them running down the stairs as quickly as possible and to where Deputy Hobbsw as standing, looking very dazed.

Hobbs was rushed to hospital on July 10th and was later discharged so he could recover properly at home.

The inmates’ heroic actions did not go unnoticed, that’s for sure. Chief Deputy, Lou Solis organized the party for them all.

“I very much appreciate what these inmates did for me. It’s a reminder to always treat everyone well.”

Deputy Shannon Volkodav, Public Information Officer at the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office also added that it could have been an entirely different story had the inmates not acted as they did.

“This story beautifully illustrates how heroes can appear in different uniforms. They came to his aid and we are deeply appreciative of their kind, courageous, and selfless actions. It brings tears to my eyes.”

“Deputy Hobbs might not be here today if it wasn’t for them. It doesn’t matter what station you are at in life, you can still be a hero. We are indebted to anyone who shows kindness to anyone in our law enforcement family.”

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