Insane Airbnbs That Will Have You Second-Guessing Your Next Vacation

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Vacations are great. Paying for hotels? Not so much. Depending on where you’re staying, hotels can end up costing a pretty penny, and they don’t always provide great perks, either. You end up spending $150/night (or more) just for a slightly fancier bedroom than the one you have at home.

Recently, I’ve taken to renting rooms on Airbnb or other similar services. Regular people rent out their own rooms or their entire home via a website. All you have to do is show up! They can be a great way to save money while also getting an up-close-and-personal experience with the city you’re staying in.

Of course, things can also go south pretty quickly, and you might just find yourself in one of the Airbnbs listed here. Some of them are actually pretty darn cool, but most of them I wouldn’t touch with a 30-foot pole. You really have to see them in order to believe them.

Like this Airbnb, which was made by blowing a hole in the side of a rock formation.

Sure, it looks cool, but how do you keep critters from wandering right into your place throughout the day? Still, I’d stay here. For the ‘gram.

Talk about a tiny house.

I know tiny houses are becoming more and popular, but this is taking things a little too far if you ask me.

The blinds are a nice touch.

If you close your eyes and plug your ears, you can almost convince yourself that you’re not just sleeping in someone’s actual garage. Almost.

Nice tile job.

There is obviously a story behind this tile work. I am so curious about it!

OK, this one is actually amazing:

Be right back. Going to Iceland immediately.

An Airbnb for hobbits!

I feel like there’s an 80 percent chance that your stay here will be interrupted by a bunch of dwarves and a wizard inviting you to go on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Outdoor bathroom!

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst Airbnb bathroom on this list. Yep. It gets much worse.

Could’ve been better thought out.

Obviously this isn’t the fault of the AirBnBers but instead the construction crew who worked on the house initially, but still. Someone has to be shamed for this.

I didn’t even need to pack!

Look at this, they’ve got everything you need! Knife, another knife, tube of something, one more knife — just everything!

The most apologetic of people.

Does any country writ large have lower self-esteem than Canada? They don’t have to say sorry even as much as they already do, let alone preemptively apologizing by hanging an apology on the wall. At least they didn’t add an “eh.”

I did not sign up for this.

This creature is fearsome; it is contemptuous; it is… well, it’s pretty cute actually. Just had to get used to it. Now I like him.

That’s… that’s it?

I would so much rather have zero movies than this movie. You walk into an AirBnB with no movies, at least you can tell yourself the host family doesn’t know what movies are. With just Garfield: Le Film on the shelf, they know what movies are, and chose this one.

Sign me up.

What does a naughty sheep do, exactly? After all, a sheep’s whole deal is having its clothes sheared off every few days. How do you get more naughty than straight-up running around nude?

Today’s secret word is “disconcerting!”

Wowee zowie, that room looks like so much fun! No way does anyone ever get murdered in it! No siree-bob! Ha ha!

A lasting legacy.

At one time, this AirBnB was rented by a man. But not just any man. A man so sexy, his name was literally changed to reflect how sexy he was. We will never forget you, Daniel sexy man. Never.

Nothing could ever make me be more careful about splashing.

The ground — the ground — is afraid of water? What does that mean? What else is the ground afraid of? If I was staying at this AirBnB I would be constantly terrified of doing something that would freak out the ground!

Wicker hogs.

This decoration is a paradox. It is both made of wicker — a material preferred by old ladies — in the shape of a motorcycle — the vehicle of choice of tough, sweaty men. Who commissioned this? I want to know every detail of their life.

Not as enticing as you might think, AirBnB.

Please, marketers, I’m begging you — if you’re going to reference a famous literary work in your ad copy, read that famous literary work first.

Cool view.

Imagine getting off a 12-hour flight, hopping in a stuffy Uber Pool, and finally getting into your lovely AirBnB, hoping to finally crack open the window and get some fresh air. And then… stones. What a bummer.

For when you just can’t wait to get clean.

Again, not the fault of the renters, so I’ve got to say: come on architects! Why are we designing houses like the shower or toilet is the focal point of the living room?

I’ll just drink my beverages room temperature, I guess.

No matter how you contort your arm and shoulder, there is no way you’re getting your 12 pack of Bud heavies into that fridge. Maybe next time you’ll walk to the back of the store and get one from the fridge instead of grabbing the warm 12 pack on display at the front of the store, hmm?

An unstoppable fold-out couch versus an immovable sofa-bed.

This is the kind of Tetris-like puzzle that gets my brain going. There is a way to unfold both these couch beds at once, we just have to figure out how…

Sometimes, the guy who installs your TV misses a door or two. It happens.

The worst part about this is, that was grandma’s room, and when the TV was put up, she was in there. That was over six weeks ago, and while we’ve been sliding deli meat under the door in hopes of keeping her fed, we haven’t heard a noise out of her in a good long while.


This is gross, AirBnB hosts. Please do not frame any pictures about pooping. Thank you.

Just gonna scrunch up here and take a leak.

Look at that little bathroom! Frodo Baggins would have to stoop to get inside like Gandalf had to stoop to get inside Frodo Baggins’ house! No idea how Gandalf would use it, though…

You can’t beat the price.

One Christmas I was house-sitting for my friend and decided to put my own apartment on AirBnB. Not knowing how the whole thing worked, I just charged the same day rate I was paying in rent. Now, having stayed in a few Air BnBs myself, I know I could have charged a lot more, seeing as how I was going in and cleaning and leaving little amenities and the like. All that is to say, I know what it looks like when an AirBnB is going for below market value, and despite the fact that this is the cheapest AirBnB you can find, I’m here to tell you that brother, this ain’t it.

Feels ominous…

If we ragged on AirBnB before for not reading the text they were referencing, here we have to rag on the owners for assuming their guests had not read the text they’re referencing. Because honest to god, if I saw that poster hanging on the wall of a place I was staying at, I would start stabbing each and every teddy bear I saw so as to destroy any hidden nanny-cams.

Who needs walls?

Listen, bathroom stuff makes me overall uncomfortable, but this has come up enough times that we have to address it: you put walls around your toilet because what you do on the toilet stinks, okay? You want to keep that smell from getting out into your living area. I could’ve sworn we, as a society, understood and were past this.

They thought they were stealthy.

As sad as this is, it’s good that the renters addressed the fact that two men would be standing still in the living room, shielding their eyes behind cheap knockoff artwork. Then the rentees know they’ll have more mouths to feed and will bring extra groceries.

You’re not my mom, sign.

I was going to brush my teeth and say my prayers anyways, but now that this sign was such a jerk about it, I’m not going to. Hope the sign’s happy now that I have bad breath and am going to hell.

Nice and chaste, just the way I like it.

Do… do the owners of this house know they can just take down any art they don’t like? It’s not like the government-mandated nude angels be hung on the walls.

And that’s a direct quote.

I didn’t know God uses the same threats as single moms when they’re trying to sleep after working an overnight at the hospital.

Looks like Gandalf trying to get into Frodo’s house.

This worst part about this? That guy is 5″6. He’s not even tall.

Honestly can’t tell if this is inside or outside, and I also can’t tell which would be worse.

In any event, now that this guy is in this AirBnB, the question becomes this… … Is he okay to throw his own bags of garbage into this pile? Or is that an “owner’s only” sort of privilege?

Top 10 all-time worst bed-buying decision.

Not to be this guy, but mattresses really should be soft. That’s, like, rule number one of mattresses.


The description read, “Four of them are alive! Can you guess which ones?”

Oh cool, it’s like a tomb!

Do a lot of people like to sleep in beds that remind them of their future caskets? I cannot imagine that leading to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Pretty sure this bathroom is haunted.

There are some materials that should not be used in any capacity when building a bathroom. Translucent glass is one of them.

Ooh, a balcony!

How fancy! You can stand on your tiptoes out there and enjoy a teaspoon of coffee every morning!

Here’s an Airbnb in the shark tank of a French aquarium:

This is so cool. Also, I will never, ever stay there. Ever.

This is the worst bathroom on the list:

The house could be completely empty and I would still refuse to use this “bathroom” just on principle. What were the people who built this thinking?!

[Sample Text Here]

[Funny caption here.]

Here’s another awkwardly placed bathroom.

That’s the only entrance into the Airbnb. Imagine arriving at your vacation destination and being greeted by someone sitting on a toilet.

Another see-through bathroom door!

On the plus side, you can clearly see when the bathroom is occupied. Unfortunately, you can see everything else, too.

These dolphins are having a great trip.

Aww! This dolphin is giving his dolphin friend a piggyback ride! That is so nice and there is definitely nothing questionable going on here!

Jeff is watching you.

If your vacation home doesn’t have a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain, then you are doing something wrong.

What a view!

Oh, you mean you prefer to see the landscape instead of a brick wall when you look out the window? Weird.


I would actually consider staying in a snow fort on a vacation. Not this one, though.

Here’s another unique listing:

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night craving Taco Bell drive-thru? If so, I have the perfect Airbnb for you!

Say cheese!

I know there’s probably not a secret peephole on the other side of the wall looking through one of these cameras, but I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to stay here anyway.

Wanna play Monopoly?

Plenty of people end up flipping the board in anger when they play Monopoly. That’s a little harder to do when the board is built into the table.

Cool couch.

If you ever feel like a total failure, just remember this bathtub that got a second chance as a couch. Isn’t that inspirational?

Sleep in the vault!

You could pay me the entire contents of another bank vault and I still wouldn’t sleep in there.

An Airbnb in a galaxy far, far away.

OK, this one is awesome. I wonder how many credits it costs to stay here.

Uh, guys?

When did Thomas Kinkade start building Airbnbs? Also, how do I book this one?

Sleeping 9,000 feet in the air.

This is a very cool room! But…uh, no thanks. I’ll just stay on the ground. Thank you anyway.

Up in the treetops.

would consider staying in a treehouse like this one, though.

It’s all about perspective.

This Airbnb comes with a pool*! *Kind of.

Another great view.

This isn’t just a view. You could reach out and touch that wall. It’s a whole sensory experience!

This place has a bomb shelter:

The chances of any location being haunted go up 100 percent when you find a gold mask inside. I don’t make the rules. Share this with someone who loves to travel!