Insane Levitating Light Bulb Lamp Is Blowing People’s Minds

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In true Back to the Future style, Amazon is selling levitating light bulb lamps, and the reviews speak for themselves…

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The VGAzer floating lightbulb levitates and rotates in the air by a combination of induction and magnetism.

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It contains a base, which is connected to a standard power supply, and the specially made lightbulb.

Magnetism keeps the bulb in mid-air, seemingly floating above the wooden base.

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At the same time, the bulb is being powered through the air by induction, and the light can also be controlled by the touch of a button.

The insane concept has gone viral on TikTok, with users amazed by the idea…

One potential shopper wrote: “I never thought I wanted something so bad.” We agree.

And the reviews on Amazon are just as telling…

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One customer wrote: “The floating bulb is a wonderful desk friend. It slowly spins in mid-air, the light giving a pleasant warm glow. It’s built well, the parts are simple but sturdy. I love it!”

The VGAzer levitating lamp is priced at $89.99, which might seem steep, but it does have the wow factor.

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You can get yours here.