When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Your server will come by and explain that they'll be "taking care of you tonight," then ask what you want to drink. Then you'll order food. You'll eat the food, and then you'll pay for the food. It's all pretty standard.

However, there are some restaurant experiences that really stand out from others. If you're lucky, it's because the experience is especially wonderful — maybe they gave you a free dessert or your cocktail tasted absolutely divine.

On the other hand, you might not be quite so lucky. Maybe your server is disgruntled — and really, who can blame them? Their job kinda sucks. Maybe your chicken was dry or your fries were floppy. Or maybe you had the misfortune of eating at one of the restaurants on this list.

If that's the case, I'm truly sorry.

As you flip through these pictures, just let it sink in that yes, these are real places where people are really expected to eat. Some of these are harder to stomach than others.

Bunkbed tables?!

Sure, it sounds fun in theory, but just think about how inconvenient this would be. I'm sure the servers just love carrying food up and down those ladders.

Well, that's unfortunate.

Call me crazy, but if your restaurant name starts with a "K," maybe don't use that letter to decorate? Just a thought!

Thank you? I think.

Looking at this sign, I somehow feel both welcome and like I should leave and never return. Impressive!

(It's a flower.)

At least...I hope it's a flower. Someone please tell me this is a flower.

Topsy turvy!

There is no way anyone would pick up this menu and read it correctly on their first try. It's like the USB cord of menus.

Pretty sure this is supposed to say "Two Brothers."

But it doesn't. It looks like a complicated board game that your friends would agree to play until they realized it was going to take you three hours to explain it.

Let me just check my outfit in the mirror...

...Oh. I can't. Cool. So glad we came here for dinner.

But I like Jessica's family!

What kind of restaurant is this, anyway? I'm starting to wonder what exactly was in that burger.

0/10, would not eat here.

Everyone loves being terrified while they eat, right? No? Dang. My combination haunted house/burger joint is never going to work.

Hope you're crisp and juicy!

That's right, I said crisp and juicy. If you're just crisp? Forget about it.

I don't think you know what "on the house" means.

I guess they mean "in the house."

This had to have been on purpose, right?

Your job may be frustrating at times, but at least you don't have to cosplay as a centaur in order to get your paycheck.

No thank you.

I think I'll probably just stick with the pizza. No sausage.

Another brilliant design.

This one isn't gross or anything; it's just super silly. Who saw this and thought, "Mm. Yes. Good?"

This reminds me of something...

I can't quite put my finger on it, though. 'Cause that would be unsanitary.

In case you forgot where you were, I guess.

Oh, you wanted to read more about the cocktails? TOO BAD. THIS IS ROY'S.


Maybe these guys should collaborate with the Dick's Pizza people! They seem to have a lot in common.

Holey bowl-y.

The only food that would make less sense in this bowl is soup. And I'm not convinced they haven't tried that.

How fun!

We all love a restaurant with a difficult to read menu right? No? Dang. My restaurant idea is never going to work.

These plates are clean.

Or maybe that's just what they tell you when they don't have a dishwasher on the premises.

The nose knows.

If there's one thing I definitely want to be staring at while I enjoy a Big Mac, it's the gigantic nostril of a man with a bit of stubble. I have a very specific taste.

Cool maze, guys.

It's aMAZEing that this ever got printed. Even that pun is better than this maze.

Another great mirror!

It's like they forgot the primary function of mirrors. But how? How can that even be?

Texcock Mextails!

No thanks. I'll hold out for the Mexcock Textails.

What time is it?

Looks like it's time to get a new clock. Eh? Eh??


You said you wanted a restaurant with a view. This is what you meant, right?

Bye, Nemo.

My childhood is ruined. Apparentl,y they missed the whole "fish are friends; not food" part.

Three cooks?

Are you sure it's cooks? I'm pretty sure it's not cooks.

Make mistakes. Get messy.

I can only think of one reason why someone would want to put sauce on the actual burger instead of on the bun like this: Because they are sane individuals. Share this with someone you wanna grab dinner with this week!