17 Insane Wrong Number Texts That Have Us Questioning Our Sanity Today

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It’s always hilarious when you get a text from a wrong number.

It’s a little peek into someone else’s world, and it’s nearly always a gem.

Here are 17 wrong number texts that are extra entertaining, weird, and straight-up confusing.

You know there is an insane disconnect when you ask the stranger you texted for the right number of the person they don’t know.

That had to be a prank text, right?! Like, had to be!

Maybe pick up the phone and call Kelli! Although, I guess that wouldn’t have worked since they had the wrong number to begin with. But a house fire warrants a call.

This is hilarious and terrifying. This guy’s a little bit evil.

I don’t know how Thomas the Tank Engine texts. He doesn’t have any thumbs! The next one is actually kind of heartwarming…

This guy is clearly frustrated and going through something, and even though he texted the wrong number, it’s nice to get a little support.

A person who doesn’t know whether to heat up food or eat it cold and has to ask someone else deserves a response like this.

The wrong number response is, “I believe this message was intended for someone else. My wife isn’t home, so I couldn’t get her opinion, but the kids and I think you look stunning in your dress! You should definitely go with that one!” followed by a picture of a bunch of cute kids giving thumbs up. Hilarious.

There are so many twists and turns to this story it’s like a regular whodunit! One person who did not do it is Tina. She is nowhere to be found.

Who knew that when this guy texted the wrong number he’d get free chiropractor advice?! The next one is super epic…

Someone who wasn’t supposed to got this text from the angriest suburban mom on the planet. “Hugs and kisses” is the best part of this! But it’s just part one of two…

The follow-up is somehow even better! Helen swooping in with the lawyer threat and more hugs and kisses! This mom has my heart.

Again with the people not understanding that “wrong number” doesn’t mean, “It’s me but this isn’t my number.” C’mon people!

Jessica pulled a classic! Accidentally texting complaints about a person to the person you’re complaining about never gets old.

These guys accidentally texted their graduation photos to a random dude, and random dude texted back a thumbs up and this message: “Congrats fellas the skies the limit!” The next one is a two-parter that’s actually seriously impressive…

When in doubt and you get a wrong number text from an assistant in a vascular lab about a patient… Google it! The best part is what comes next though…

She actually needed the treatment that Hannah googled! She’s a natural! Hire this girl!

You might have seen this story about a grandma who texted the wrong number about Thanksgiving plans and ended up inviting the guy who she accidentally texted! But the follow up is the best part…

They actually met up! And celebrated Thanksgiving together. That’s what this holiday’s all about, fam!

You can bet that Mark went on an incredible emotional journey while reading those two texts. Phew. Share this with someone whose number you definitely for sure know.