29 Tweets About Animals Who Are Literally Too Cute for Words | 22 Words

The world is on fire. It seems like there is a whole bucket of bad news dumped on our heads every single day at this point. It is no fun. That is why it is more important than ever to fill the world with as much goodness and cuteness and wholehearted positivity as we can.

Thus, this collection of animal tweets. Animals of all kinds are so frickin' cute I can hardly stand it. Whether they are your pets or they are wild animals, they all have one thing in common: I want to squeeze them and hug them all. I won't, of course, unless I have permission. (Please give me permission to love on your pets.) These tweets featuring some of the world's cutest animals will make you smile, will bring a spot of warmth and joy into your otherwise stressful day, and that is my entire goal. Please enjoy.

What do you do when you have a cute picture or video of an animal?

That's right. You tweet tweet tweet that precious moment and share it with the world! I'd like to thank these 29 people for doing just that.

Puppy sleeping on a banana

This is a work of art. It belongs in a museum.

Horse dancing to Fleetwood Mac

This is one of the top ten videos that has ever been shot in the history of videos. That includes Citizen Kane.

Posted up in the club

"You got ID? How 'bout kibble? I'll let you into the club for a fistful of kibble."


Of course the dog has to break up the fight between two cats. Dogs are good and cats are bad.

Caught in the act

"What? No, I don't know what you're talking about. It wasn't me. Oh, this thing? I always wear this table on my head. You didn't know that?"

Proud pup

I bet this is exactly what Meryl Streep looks like when she watches herself in the Mamma Mia! movies.


There is nothing so simultaneously funny, cute, and shockingly sad as a small animal tumbling down a flight of stairs.

Carpet shark

It's a good carpet. What do you expect, him not to rub his body on it like he's a little shark?


This dog loves this song so much, it's adorable. I would like to chill with this dog, the chillest of dogs.

Destroyer of leaves

I've never seen a little bunny having such a good time. Usually, they look kind of scared with their big wide eyes.

Fox on fox

This is hilarious! How are they stacked like that? These little fennec foxes are too cute. Yeah, I know what kind of foxes they are.

Good news

This can't be real, right? It can't be real because that shirt is too perfect. It must have been made specifically for this little pup.

Swimming buddies

Oh my god. You have to watch this whole video. There's a surprise about halfway through. It is more adorable than you could imagine.

Hero dog

I love everything about this story. First, a dog saving his human from a rattlesnake is incredible. Second, the dog's name is Todd.

Best friends forever

There is nothing better than cuddling with a dog, especially if you are a baby and the dog is so soft and you can just nap all day long.

Frozen party

Look at the smile on that dog's face! He is so happy to be celebrated with all of his friends around. I love this.

Don't stop

Don't stop believin', puppy. Fly like the wind (and your ears) into the future.

Bum shake

You have to play the sound on this one. It's perfect. This dog has got it going on in the booty area.

Good morning!

What a content smile on this pup's face. Oh my goodness. I think he just woke up from a dream about a waterfall of bacon.


It's a cow on a couch! Or as I like to call it....... A "cowch."

Google street view

This is clearly the best Google street view photo that has ever been taken. The face this cat is making is priceless.

Rhino baby

I relate very much to the mama rhino who is lying down and has just given up trying to control her child.

Bat sleeping

This is an official statement to say that bats are underrated. They are adorable and they deserve all our love.

Fat lizard

What a chunkster! This is what happens when you gorge yourself on flies before you get your picture taken, Luis.

Lost dog

"Very friendly and loving dog." Yeah, this sounds like something a dog would write about himself.

Crazy pets

I love a good picture of a dog caught in blinds. They always look like they don't know how they got there but they also don't know how to get out.

Salt and vinegar chips

This just in: Salt and vinegar chips make cats gag. I mean, she wanted to smell it. She paid the price.

Make way for ducklings

Heartwarming videos of officers helping duck families are great, but there are so many of them. Ducks, get it together!

The best video on the Internet

This video makes me laugh every single time I see it. I had to include it. Share this with an animal lover in your life!