30 Insanely Extravagant Super Mansions People Actually Own

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Some people just have too much money. If you want proof, look no further than the absolutely wild mansions they buy. We’re talking multiple million-dollar homes with private swimming pools, massive kitchens, tennis courts, and more. The lifestyles of the rich are something that seems like a movie.

But it sure is fun to look and dream. There’s nothing like scrolling through pictures of homes that are too cool to be true.

To make it just that much easier for you, we’ve pulled together 30 of the most amazing mansions that will have you drooling. Are you ready to be blown away? Let’s check out some houses that take “extravagant” to a whole new level. Whether you’re a fan of views, beautiful design, or sheer luxury, there’s something here for everyone. And then a little bit more on top, just to make sure you have everything you could ever want.

This $37,900,000 beast is actually a compound that’s nearly 27,000 square feet. It has 23 bedrooms. It’s possible you could house a small town in this home.

Coming in at $26,000,000, it’s just 7 bedrooms, but endless amounts of beauty. It has a unique mountain style that keeps you cozy throughout the year…if you can call a 7000 square foot home “cozy”.

For a cool 45 mil you could have this gigantic estate that doesn’t just have the normal swimming pool (although it’s an amazing one), it also includes a 12 car garage, tennis court, movie theater, spa, and full home gym.

What about a penthouse? These 8 beauties range in price from 42 million to 387 million. Absolutely breathtaking.

Perhaps you’re in the market to rent. In that case, this lovely modern Victorian charmer in West Hollywood is a mere $16,000 per month.

It’s listed at 20.5 million, and it has some gorgeous features. That backyard is to die for.

It’s only 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and $8,699,000. A good starter home, right?

I would never go inside, which would be a shame, because I would have spent 8 million dollars on the house.

The market is WILD. This modern masterpiece is 5700 square feet with an incredible rooftop, and it could be yours for just over $5mil.

This beauty is located in Mexico, but the real location is the Pacific Ocean: it’s surrounded on three sides by water. This is the right place to get away from it all. Get your personal heaven for $11,000,000.

Gorgeous mountain views, an amazing veranda, and beautiful architecture? Yes please. If only I had $11,750,000.

There’s some gorgeous design happening here, nestled in a beautiful setting. Someone lend me $6 million and I’ll be set.

It’s still got a gorgeous outdoor space and is in a highly desired neighborhood in California. Oh, and it is still over $3 million.

A waterfront lifestyle that ALSO has a saltwater pool. You better like swimming if you shell out the $3,595,000 for this beauty.

3 levels of perfection. This place is like if a fairy wonderland had a baby with modern design, and then charged you 11.5 million dollars to live in it.

And even though the ocean is right there, once again they include a swimming pool. To be fair, it’s an incredibly cool swimming pool. Clocking in at $17.5 million, this house is all about the ocean life.

It’s so open the stairs are see through. Also the rest of the house is absolutely stunning. I call dibs on the movie theater. For $4,750,000 (Canadian) it could be yours.

Less than two million! It’s basically free! That doesn’t stop it from being sleek and modern and truly impressive. It turns out LED lighting can look really, really good.

Overlooking a lake, it has a sport court, a bowling alley, a golf simulator, a full gym, a theater, a music club AND almost 200 feet of lakeshore. That’s a lot to pack into one $15 million house.

Take farmhouse style and then elevate it to a million dollar situation. Add in a backyard custom built for parties. Finish it off with the biggest tub you can imagine. You have this $3 million house.

AMAZING. Plus that transparent tunnel overlooking the stairway is so cool. This is also the comfiest looking home movie theater in the history of the universe.

Those high ceilings! Those indoor/outdoor spaces! SO much natural light. Coming in at $3.5 million, this might be my favorite of our homes.

Ok, this house is almost $40 million, but it’s not hard to see why. It has a koi pond, a Japanese garden, and a giant aquarium. An indoor kitchen AND an outdoor kitchen. Plus, the coolest bar setup in the world.

It’s BIG, it’s classic, and it’s gorgeous. It’s what you’d imagine when you think of old money, which is what you’d need to purchase the $9,200,000 estate.

The fountains in the front set the tone for the whole thing, which says “I’m basically royalty.” And if you have $9,450,000 to drop on a home, you pretty much are royalty.

This house is all about green space: it sits over what is basically a park (and one of the largest residential lots in San Francisco). It’s no surprise it costs over $40 million.

This Massachusetts home is stately, and has a full 5 acres of land to match it. It basically says “my family has gone to Harvard for 5 generations”. Which is why they have $33,900,000 to buy the estate.

If you want luxury and nature, this house is for you: mountain views, a beautiful cliff-side location, and amazing sunsets. Plus, look at that amazing fireplace. Yeah, that view is worth $24,950,000.

Few places look more appealing than that sweet little chair by the koi pond. Oh, except for the dock directly on the waterfront. And the rest of the house. Yeah, this $21,900,000 house is just what the doctor ordered.

Also I would be happy to live in the walk-in closet for this master suite. It is fully the size of some apartments I’ve lived in. Just $15,750,00 for this beauty.