Insanely Satisfying Before and After Pictures of Rooms Being Cleaned

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It’s early into 2019, and while you’ve probably made many grand New Year’s resolutions, I’m guessing you’ve already abandoned all hope of ever running that half marathon or finally finishing that book you’ve started and given up on 20 times. But there’s one resolution that pretty much everyone can get behind. Cleaning up your disgusting house!

If cleaning sounds like the absolute last thing you’d want to be doing right now, I’ve brought you some inspiration. These 30 photos of beautifully cleaned and organized spaces are so satisfying that your own house will be transformed into a KonMari masterpiece in no time.

This instant mood boost

Here’s a tip: Anytime you’re feeling down in the dumps, take an hour or two to clean your room. You’ll be amazed at what a clean, organized space can do for your mood and outlook on life.

This two-room makeover

A clean house is pretty much the best Christmas present that anyone could ever ask for. Well, any adult, that is. For a kid, it would mean pretty much the worst Christmas ever.

This perfect playroom

What a difference! Of course, it probably looked like that for about five minutes before it was trashed again.

This breath of fresh air

See what a couple of hours can do? That room was so messy before that I almost completely missed the cat on the bed! Before long it would have been lost forever in a sea of clutter.

This de-cluttered kitchen

What’s the point of all that counter space when you can’t even find the counter?! That “after” shot is a kitchen any chef would be proud to cook a meal in.

This (no more) junk room

Everyone has that one room in their house where they just throw all the stuff they don’t know where else to put. Wouldn’t it feel good to turn that “junk” room into a functional, inhabitable space?

This jaw-dropping before and after

At first glance, the top picture looks like a room filled to the brim with crap. But the bottom photo reveals a room that I wouldn’t mind spending a lovely afternoon sipping tea in. It has couches! Who knew?!

This bathroom upgrade

My bathroom is, admittedly, pretty disgusting. So this transformation has me itching to give it a complete overhaul. That glass of wine is greatly deserved!

This beauty vlogger’s dream

I have to say, I almost drooled when I saw that “after” shot. The tidiness! The cleared counter space! The perfect little spots for everything! I’m guessing she had to throw out a ton of old makeup to make this possible, which reminds me, I have some 5-year-old concealer that I should probably think about tossing.

This organization evolution

This person really went above and beyond. Not only did they completely clean and organize this room, but they also swapped out the old-fashioned bed for a new, more modern style as well as added a matching dresser and colorful side tables.

This night-and-day difference

The whole idea of a play room is to actually be able to play in it, right? Just imagine how excited those kids must have been when they could finally do more than stand in place while playing!

This organized bedroom (and adorable dog)

Okay, so that dog doesn’t seem very excited about how neat and organized his bedroom is, but he is. Trust me.

This kitchen transformation

That “after” pic looks straight out of Better Homes & Gardens! Of course, the “before” pic looks like a copy of Better Homes & Gardens that someone found in a dumpster.

This thing of beauty

I could seriously look at this photo for hours. It’s just so soothing.

This baker’s supply closet

Anyone with a home business knows the importance of keeping your supplies neat and organized. This bakery owner can now make those pies and cupcakes with complete peace of mind!

This perfectly cleaned-out closet

This has to be one of the most perfectly executed closet do-overs in the history of the world. Talk about a successful New Year’s resolution!

This beautiful bedroom

I get stressed out just looking at the top photo. But the bottom pic? Pure bliss.

This gorgeous garage

The hanging bike racks! The shelves! The perfectly packed storage bins!

These tidy tools

Considering all of my tools are currently jumbled together in an old grocery bag in my basement, that bottom photo is pretty darn inspiring. That’s a tool collection even Hank Hill would be proud of.

This captivating kids’ room

I don’t have kids, but the thought of my entire house looking like the “before” photo at all times is more than a little troubling. But I would be delighted if my home looked even half as nice as the “after” pic.

This awe-inspiring gift closet

I also never knew that “gift closets” were a thing. But if they look as beautifully organized as this one, sign me up!

This productive day of cleaning

Wow. There is a whole lot of junk going on in the first pic. After further research, this was a 12-year-old boy’s room that was cleaned by a professional organizer. Whatever they paid this person, it’s not enough.

This wow-worthy work space

As someone who works from home, my office is nowhere near as organized as this. In fact, it’s almost identical to that “before” picture.

This pigsty-to-peaceful-space metamorphosis

Before: Total chaos. After: Total zen. These pics don’t even look like they came from the same house!

This oven overhaul

Here’s an embarrassing admission – I have never cleaned my oven. How do you even clean an oven?! I would probably have just bought a new oven.

This impressive feat

The fact that the person who cleaned this room has fibromyalgia makes it even more impressive. Suddenly, my excuses to avoid cleaning sound much less important.

This inviting guest bedroom

You know that creepy, gross guest room you’ve been forced to stay in at one point in your life? This is no longer one of those guest rooms.

This dramatic desk do-over

It’s one thing to have to clean up your own crap, but a stranger’s crap? That’s just unfair. This person is a true hero.

This unbelievable update

Wait, this was an OFFICE before? How did they even get to their desk? It was probably pretty hard to be productive when you’re basically sitting in a garbage heap. I can see why they called in professional help.

This KonMari’d sock drawer

Marie Kondo would drool just looking at this drawer. Oh, and if you haven’t binge-watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix yet, you should probably get on that.