Instagram Account Collects the Worst Interior Design Ideas and It's as Hilarious as It Is Confusing | 22 Words

Instagram is the home of inspiration. From beauty tips all the way to artwork, there isn't a thing you can't find. And recently, we stumbled across this very special account that collects the worst interior design ideas and you know what? We're in love with it!

Let me take you through some of the weirdest ones... Happy scrolling!

Jungle Run.

"Calgon, take me far far away from here."

Net Bed.

"What’s your Sleep Number? Mine is plummeting to my death at 2 AM."


"I guess they’re all about that bass, 'bout that bass."

The Big Cat.

"Cute kitchen Carol but we all know you killed him."

Foot Sofa.

If the footbed was on The Simpsons.

Cut The Corners.

"I stubbed my toe just looking at this."

Two Loos.

"No one is this in love."

Foot Of The Bed.

"Um...yea...I’ll take the couch. Or a cot. Or a splintery bed of pallets. Actually just anything that’s not this, thanks."

Separate Sinks.

"You’re not impressing anyone with your ingenuity. Just stop."

Split Tub.

"Social distancing looking a lot like being married for 10+ years."

Keep Clean.

"Wash your hands you animals."

Cat Eyes.

"Cat people doing what cat people do."

Tiny Sink.

"Gotta hit all the bad angles."

Tropical Vibes.

"Takes one trip to the Bahamas."

Dummy Room.

"What a creative display for your nightmare-inducing collection, Linda!"

Warm and Toasty.

"You haven’t made it until you’ve got a fireplace in your shower. Get on their level."

The Yellow Zone.

"Never has Instagram’s pinch to zoom feature been more necessary."

The Short Straw.

"You can’t just put an apron on a rolling pin and call it a drape. I’m sorry but you just can’t."


"The doggy door industry is shook right now."

The Butterfly Effect.

"Not pictured: skin suit."

Hard Wood.

"I’m in the mood for love (by love, I mean splinters)."


"Not quite."

"Fart. Pee. Poop."

"Stop telling me what to do."

A Work Of Art.

"All my friends are here for the Bachelor premier."

Art Class.

"Takes 1 decorative painting class at Michaels."

Accidental Corners.

"I stubbed my toe just looking at this."

Pickup Truck.

"Jesus take the wheel."


"You’ve built Lincoln Log houses with better interior roof lines."


"It’s the end of days."

Sunny Days.

"When you can't afford a real window."

Squint And Run.

"Eyes Wide Shut vibes are strong up in here."

Pillar Talk.

"This kitchen appears to be under the attack of some giant AT-AT walkers."

Fur Sure.

"This would be an amazing very fancy cat house if it wasn’t an actual real-life house for tacky people."

Double Duty.

"Please let me die alone than ever be this in love."

Climbing The Ladder.

"These IKEA store displays are getting a little out of hand."

Apple Bottom Jeans.

"The club can’t even handle me right now."

The Student Life.

"High concept, next-generation Taco Bell"

Fancy Folk.

"But how will people KNOW we’re fancy unless we etch the Lamborghini into the window?"

I'd Rather Not.

"I’m just gonna leave this here in case you had any hopes of a good night's sleep tonight. You’re welcome in advance."

Germ Island.

"Kentucky coming in for that “Texas kinda crazy" title."


"Tell me about everything that terrifies you. Now let’s build a bed out of all those things."

Farm House.

"Nobody puts Bessie in a corner."

Mullet Cabinet.

"Obviously this person was murdered halfway through this DIY right?"

The Animal Kingdom.

"Before you get hung up on the elephant, let your mind wander to what kind of activities require a fully tiled bedroom."

A Million Eyes.

"Is someone staring at me?"


"I read. A lot."

A-Star Student.

"In case you fancy studying in the bathroom."

Wannabe Tye-Dye.

"The 80s called, they want their print back."

Flip or Flop?


Hairy Designs.

I'm going to be sick imagining how my feet would feel on this...


"This ain't it, sis."


"You got enough roses there, ma'am?"

Smallest Sink.

"Move-in ready. But please only bring 1 bowl."

Time Saver.

"For when you want to wake up and get straight into the bath."


"Grandma’s committed to reporting exit polling on election night."

Ideal Scenes.

"Just in case you want a little brick oven pizza with your bath. Sounds fantastic tbh."

Bathing Mishaps.

"Mother in law’s suite is finally done!"

Perfect Combo.

"The definition of dinner and a show!"


"Did listing photos have to be taken like immediately following an earthquake or???"


"Get the air mattress out for grandma because she sure as hell ain’t making it upstairs."

Glass Toilet.

"Exactly ZERO people need a clear toilet."

Jungle Vibes.

"The final ingredient to every dish prepared here is dust and sadness."

The White House.

"This is simply not how any of these things work. Please just... stop."

Death and Decay.

"It takes a special kind of sociopath to decorative paint a black mold treatment. Also, I see you trap door."

Shower Curtain.

"Imagine a soggy shower curtain touching you..."

Yin and Yang.

"What an interesting shape."

Ride Away.

"Please peddle this directly into oncoming traffic."

Slim Chance.

"Try getting through this all at once."


"No one asked for this."

Carole Baskin's Humble Abode.

"She definitely killed her husband." If you're in the mood to see some amazing art on Instagram, rather than these, then keep scrolling...