'Instagram Influencer' Hits Out at 'Borat 2' After Being 'Misled' To Feature in the Film | 22 Words

Some of the characters in Sacha Baren Cohen's latest movie have spoken out against him, claiming they were disappointed with how they were portrayed.

And the latest to do so is none other than "Instagram influencer", Macy Chanel.

Borat is back.

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And he's been getting some serious stick off the people featured in his new movie.

The British comedian targeted President Trump and his team directly in his new movie, Borat 2...

And he even managed to catch Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in a very compromising position.

Now, we're confident in saying that there's one thing that we all know Sacha Baron Cohen for...

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And that's his Kazakhstan-reigning character, Borat.

It all started with the documentary mock-up, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Baron Cohen dressed up as a local from Kazakhstan and proceeded to fool us folk over here in America into believing people from this country were completely backward.

Borat was supposedly the "sixth most famous man in Kazakhstan"...

And while in the States, he repeatedly insulted the people of Central Asia and made countless jokes about their "culture" which, in the movie, involved incest and the constant degrading of women.

But while it was all very funny...

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The people of Kazakhstan didn't see it in this way and they were insulted at Baron Cohen's mockery of their country. This ultimately lead to the actor being banned for life from ever entering the country again.

This didn't stop the movie from being an ultimate success, however...

And Borat soon became a household name all around the world.

But since 2006, the world has sadly been Borat free.

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Sure, he's popped up here and there - but we've had no substantial content from the character.

Well, even though 2020 has been a terrible year, it has brought us some great Borat news...

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Because a second Borat movie was born!

Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm dropped on Amazon Prime on October 23rd.

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The movie revolves around Borat dealing with his newfound fame following the first movie in 2006.

But there's one resounding theme...

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And that's American politics.

Trump has a big role in the new movie...

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Without being aware of it, of course.

For example, the comedian decided to attend a Mike Pence rally...

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All while dressed in a fat suit as Donald Trump with a woman thrown over his shoulder. You really can't make this stuff up.

"Michael Penice!" Baron Cohen could be seen shouting through a startled crowd.

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"I've brought the girl for you," he continued, as the crowd watched on in shock.

It was quite hilarious, we must say.

But there's one scene in the movie that has ruffled a few feathers...

An “Instagram influencer" has accused Cohen of "misleading" her...

Macy Chanel appears early on, with her name spelled “Macey" in the film.

She is seen giving Borat's daughter advice on how to appear more attractive to older men...

Even though she knows she is only fifteen-years-old.

Chanel even tells her she should try and find a man who has “just had a heart attack".

Borat jokingly calls Chanel “America’s leading feminist," which also struck a nerve.

She claims she was “in character" the entire time, and wants people to know that wasn't the real her...

Chanel said she felt “misled into playing a role as someone that does not reflect who [she is]". She stated: “I have enjoyed a successful modeling and acting career where I can play any role given. In this case and probably many others, I did not read the ‘fine’ print."

She revealed that Baron Cohen “got" her, saying: “But [it’s] kinda sad how he elicits ‘reality.'"

Chanel isn't the only one to feel this way, Jeanise Jones, the professional babysitter who appeared in the film, said she felt "betrayed" after watching the film.

Check out the clip below...

Either way, it is pretty funny and highlights some pretty important messages. Keep scrolling for more on the new film...