Instagram Model Gets Bitten by Pig While Trying to Take Photos With Them

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The Instagram star. Whether we need them or not, influencers are here to stay.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has provided a platform for egotists everywhere to make a living off the merit of how good they happen to be in front of a camera. Instagram stars comb the digital world, looking for memorable places and things to pose in front of, always reaching for that one viral hit. It’s also used to help corporations, and to bolster the existing fame of celebrities.

Naturally, with such a huge platform, supporting an enormous online community, there’s going to be some serious hitches – a surprising number of which include animals…


Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. Its stars can earn staggering amounts from posing in front of stuff, while brands have the virtual space to enact marketing strategies. And it’s all the brain child of…

This guy…

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Mike Krieger is responsible for the app, after launching it in 2010 and selling it to Facebook in 2012 for $1 Billion. 

1 billion users

The platform has now been allowed to accrue over a billion active users. That’s a seventh of the world, all scrolling through Instagram on the toilet.

The most followed.

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The most followed personality on Instagram is soccer world beater, Cristiano Ronaldo, who now plays for Juventus. He has over 150 million followers and earns a staggering £300,000 per photo.

I don’t know why?

Honestly, I can’t say why. Most of his pictures are pretty boring. It’s just himself, over and over again.

Like this…

Here’s a picture that caught him 7.8 million likes. It’s him, but, you know, with a bird…

Or… ugh… this… masterpiece?

This is a picture of himself, with his child, in front of – that’s right – a painting of himself. How many crappy paintings of himself does he have? Maybe it’s just the one?

Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is the second most followed on the site, with a narrow straight of 8 million followers separating the two. Selena’s posts mainly consist of…

Other people?

No. It’s mostly just pictures of herself. I wonder if platforms like this make us selfish? Or perhaps we’ve always been selfish and platforms like these are just the natural technological progression of our ego? Chicken and egg, right?


Ronaldo and Gomez are what Instagram calls ‘influencers’, though they’re pretty stratospheric examples of them. An influencer is an Instagrammer that wields a significant number of followers. If you become an ‘influencer’ you can earn huge amounts from Instagram.

The up-and-coming influencer

The bracket’s for becoming an influencer are quite vague. An up and coming influencer would expect to have between 1-100,000 followers, and can earn up to $1000 per post at the high end.

The popular influencer

The popular influencer has over 100,000 followers. This is where pay gets hard to predict, and very much depends on the specifics of the account.

The celebrity influencer

The celebrity influencer has over a million followers. They earn stupid amounts of money from the platform, but they have to trade it off by tending towards vacuous personalities.


It’s not just people that use Instagram. It’s brands too, using the platform for marketing practices, trying to form a corporate identity that they can project to influence potential markets.


Aside from National Geographic, Nike is the most followed brand on Instagram. Using woke pictures like this boxer in a hijab to distract from their underpaid, poorly monitored factory workers in Honduras.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is the second most popular after Nike.

Michelle Lewin

Meet Michelle Lewin, she’s a fitness Instagrammer with a few million followers. 

What does she post?

She generally posts stuff like this, pictures of her abnormally narrow waist in profile.

Fun fact

Now, here’s a fun fact: Pigs hate Instagram. I know. They hate it, they think it’s egotistical and bland, they see it as the lowest common denominator of the human soul.


Watch what happens when Michelle Lewin tries to take an Instagram photo in front of a pig. 

I’m sure she’s fine

I’m sure she’s okay. Let her millions of views comfort her bruised butt.

Meet Katarina Elle Zarutskie

Now meet Katarina Elle Zarutskie, she’s an Instagram model with hundreds of thousands of followers. 

Nurse sharks

It’s not just pigs, but sharks too. They all hate Instagram with a passion. So guess what happened when Katarina decided to get a snap with some nurse sharks in the Bahamas. 


Yes. Exactly what you think might have happened, happened. They’re sharks, they’re not… well I would say pigs.


Another difficulty faced by Instagramers, is the problem of celebrity photoshopping. This is the phenomenon of celebrities photoshopping their bodies – badly – to look, you know, better.


Beyonce’s guilty of it. Shouldn’t that stair be straight?

Marketing slips

With hundreds of thousands of brands on Instagram, there’s surely going to be some marketing slips along the way, brands have a real knack for insensitivity.

Like this ‘Reformation Model On The Factory Floor’

via Falcon

I don’t even know where to start. This is so wrong. Who okayed this?

This product has no affiliation to The Notorious BiG

When Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Kendall and Kylie Jenner tried to showcase their new band Ts on Instagram without permission from anyone’s estate, Biggie’s mother had to wade in with this bizarre post.

What’s the point?

So when people ask, What’s the point in Instagram? Now, you can say, it’s to bolster the ego of insecure celebrities, for brands to misplace marketing ploys… and for pigs.