Instagram Model Trolled After Sharing Bikini Photo Online

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A famous Instagram model has been brutally trolled online after sharing a bikini snap to her social media pages.

Maura Higgins, who’s well known in the UK and Ireland after competing in Love Island, was sent a series of cruel messages, which she then shared to her story.

But do not fear – Maura certainly got her own back in her next video.

Keep scrolling to check it out for yourself.

And the Irish Instagram model won countless hearts across the globe when she appeared on Love Island in 2019.

But overall proved successful – making it into the final before eventually finishing in fourth place.

Maura’s social media channels absolutely blew up because of her good looks and dashing personality.

She’s got a huge 2.9 million followers on Instagram alone. Not bad for a 29-year-old from Ballymahon, Longford!

When you’ve got a social media fanbase of that size, it’s obvious that there’s going to be some nasty people in there too. It shouldn’t be the case, but it always is.

And it appears to be much worse if you’re a girl – with countless men looking to demean and insult young girls. I can’t understand why.

And how often do we see everyone from celebrities to your average Joe – taking their own lives because of how they’ve been treated online? It’s sickening.

Because until that happens – people will continue to be hurt by these thoughtless souls who hide behind computer screens.

Because when one troll called her out recently she hit back with the perfect response.

Simple enough: it started with Maura sharing a bikini snap to her Instagram story.

And sent her a private message, responding to the story, telling her to ‘put on weight’.

Put some weight on. Get some curves. You look like a cardboard front and back with a trout pout.

When Maura shared a screenshot of his cruel message and posted it on her next Instagram story for all 2.9 million of her followers to see!

Obviously unphased by his vile words, Maura wrote:
Here we go! Next one is for you my darling.

Well it was essentially a big middle finger to the troll – as Maura shared yet another bikini snap!

Posing in the blue bikini, Maura stands tall and proud as an artist can be seen applying make-up to her thighs, presumably before a shoot.

To really hammer home her message of being nice to one another, Maura added the words: ‘Be Kind’ to the post.

I know they’re the minority – but why are people cruel to others? Even if they are celebrities or big internet personalities, surely you know that they’ve got feelings…

All of your fans are behind you. Looking out for you and supporting you!

I sure hope so.