Internet Calls on Nevada To Hurry up and Count Votes With Hilarious Memes | 22 Words

Hopefully, these hilarious memes will give Nevada the push that they need!

It's been a slow and agonizing twenty-four hours...

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The counting of millions of votes have been steadily crawling ahead, but several states have been massively pushing back the announcement of our next president.

And one of those states?

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Nevada, of course!

People have been calling for Nevada to hurry up with their counting...

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And it has produced some of the best memes on the internet! Keep on reading to check them out...

Now, yesterday was the day that we have all been waiting for...

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The highly anticipated presidential election.

Of course, the election couldn't have fallen on a worse year.

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But it has been powering on ahead... despite many setbacks.

The first presidential debate was held back in September...

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And, entering into the debate, Biden had a significant and persistent lead in the polls.

President Trump was obviously aware of this...

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And in the weeks running up the debate, he attempted to cast doubt over Biden's abilities, claiming that he was suffering from dementia and that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Overall, the ninety-minute debate, that was held by Fox News' Chris Wallace, was a bitter one.

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Both Trump and Biden seemed to be having a field day throwing insults at one another, calling each other out, and constantly interrupting each other.

The whole debate was certainly made personal...

And it didn't leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of viewers who were, quite frankly, left feeling disgusted at what they had just witnessed.

Trump's presidential campaign continued to hit rocks in the weeks following the disastrous debate...

And things took an ultimate turn for the worst when at the start of October, the President and the First Lady, Melania, tested positive for COVID-19. Trump insisted that they immediately went into self-isolation together and that they felt fine, but after just a few days, he was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Center.

Despite the huge worry surrounding Trump's health...

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He was discharged just a few days later told the nation to "learn to live with COVID".

The second presidential debate was even canceled thanks to Trump's COVID diagnosis...

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However, he was well enough to participate in the third and final debate.

Trump has continued to insist on how he is "feeling better than ever"...

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And, ever since, he has continued to throw his notorious rallies with gusto... with no social distancing, of course.

The scenes have been truly shocking.

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The president has been flying all over the country and encouraging his supporters to gather in masses to greet him... which goes against every coronavirus precaution taken this year.

But does Trump care?

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He certainly does not! The president has actually been encouraging his supporters to attend his rallies and has even insisted that there is "nothing to worry about" with regards to the virus.

But, despite the large crowds of supporters descending upon his rallies...

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Trump is evidently feeling the pressure, and has now descended into full-blown panic mode.

He has been repeatedly taking to Twitter in the early hours to get in more and more digs against Biden...

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And, going by what he's been writing, he is clearly very worried about the outcome of this week's election.

Here's an example of what the president has been saying:

"If Sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected President, the 4 Justices (plus1) that helped make such a ridiculous win possible would be relegated to sitting on not only a heavily PACKED COURT but probably a REVOLVING COURT as well. At least the many new Justices will be Radical Left!" Classy, Mr. President.

His rallies have also become equally as chaotic as his tweets...

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But this hasn't knocked the president's confidence... at all.

In fact...

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Trump seems certain that he'll be reelected this week.

However, it looks like we're going to be waiting quite some time for the final result...

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Because since the counting began yesterday, the numbers have been fluctuating like crazy and it's looking like it's going to be a very tight call.

Biden is currently in the lead over Trump in several swing states that are still counting ballots...

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And even though it's currently unclear as to who'll be elected as president of the United States, the pressure is now on Nevada - a state with 6 electoral college votes that will be critical to both candidate's victories.

And believe us when we say this...

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Nevada is certainly taking its time!

And to hurry the state along...

The internet has been coming up with some of the best memes.

Let's hope that Nevada gets counted up soon!

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