Internet Says Melania Trump’s Latest Speech Should ‘Come With a Laugh Track’

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The internet has well and truly ripped into Melania Trump for her latest speech…

But critics were quick to point out some major flaws in what she had to say.

That after clips from her speech went viral on Twitter, some said it should have come with a laugh track.

People really didn’t hold back…

And it’s been an explosive journey coming up to it, to say the least.

But it seems that he has some serious competition from his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

But it has been powering on ahead… despite many major setbacks.

And things took an ultimate turn for the worst when at the start of October, the president and the first lady, Melania, tested positive for COVID-19. Trump insisted that they immediately went into self-isolation together and that they felt fine, but after just a few days, he was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Centre.

He was discharged just a few days later and insisted to the nation that all we need to do is to “learn to live with COVID”, which was very concerning to hear.

But what about Melania?

And has given virtually no updates with regards to her health.

But last week, she finally emerged from the White House.

The first lady was seen, apparently in full health, accompanying her husband at the third and final debate on Thursday night.

Which many took as a prominent sign of support for her husband’s campaign.

Melania joined her husband in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, where she took to the microphone.

So much so, that some think her speech should have come with a laughing track. 

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