21 Genius Inventions That Should Exist but Don’t for Some Dumb Reason

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In an age where one man, Elon Musk, has singlehandedly led the field in electric car, solar panel, and aerospace manufacturing – one is left to wonder, what else is there to invent? Surely one inventor/entrepreneur can’t be left to tackle the remainder of the world’s problems. And what if he hasn’t even considered some of the issues that people bemoan on a daily occurrence?

This led us to a popular Reddit thread titled, “What is an invention that the human race is fully capable of making, but hasn’t been made yet?” Obviously, some Redditors chose not to take the question seriously, but many did… and they came up with some pretty legitimate ideas.

“Same power plugs world wide.” –@Sypegillignee3y Judging by how quickly Apple likes to switch up their products and technology, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one happening anytime soon.

“Tupperware that doesn’t have lids that walk out on you. Just make friendlier lids.” –@knower_of_not_much The amount of tupperware in my apartment that doesn’t have a matching lid easily outnumbers the amount that do.

“I’m astounded we have not been able to implement a more durable and sustainable form of road pavement on a widespread scale by now. I live in an area where the roads are just destroyed with potholes every year, then either patched as a short-term fix, or resurfaced (causing major traffic disturbance).” –@bobbyjellybean It does seem like a more durable form of asphalt should have been developed by now. But I guess the focus tends to be on updating cars, rather than the surfaces they drive over.

“Self repairing sheet metal for car body panels using memory metal type materials. When the car gets dented the metal goes back to the correct shape after simply applying a bit of heat. The tech already exists, but it’s expensive.” –@Only_One_Kenobi This guy seems to know what he’s talking about. So the question is, how expensive?

“Zip lock cereal bags.” –@Pavmatic I’ve often wondered why this advancement has yet to cross into the breakfast aisle. Especially after someone else in the house absolutely butchers opening the cereal bag. Because there really is no fixing a poorly opened bag and/or box of cereal.

“Internet communication between people that does not depend on a few big corporations.” –@UperMidleClasBrazlin Unfortunately, this one seems unlikely. In fact, the more probable scenario will be going from a few big corporations, to a couple big corporations, to one big corporation in the end.

“An express DMV would be more than welcome.” @tokinwhiteguy This kinda already exists, but it’s still hell… just a slightly lesser version of it.

“Efficient water desalination. We have deserts practically abutting up to hundreds of miles of coastline, but can’t figure out how to bring clean water in.” –@Putssugaronsugar Figuring this out is literally the future of civilization. I have hope it will happen, just not quick enough.

“High speed trains in the United States.” –@LordAcorn Yet another one of Elon Musk’s pet projects. It will require a good deal of time and money. So we’ll see how quickly he can get this train moving.

“A Pringles can that you don’t get your hand stuck in.” –@RipleyRiot Seriously, who the hell designed these cans? I feel bad for the countless times an emergency worker had to spend their time freeing someone from these overly-salted hand traps. Having said that… the chips are delicious.

“Garbage trucks that are silent.” –@CUNTRY-BLUMPKIN I don’t see a single person, or dog, fighting their city council on this one.

“Tires that heat up or vents that point down to the ground or infrared lights that heat up so that the ice can melt underneath cars. The more cars that drive over the area, the more the ice will melt.” –@watch7maker This genuinely seems like a good idea. Having zero experience driving in snow, I’m not sure which of the options laid out would prove best. But they all sound like better options than salt and snow chains.

“Water pipelines, instead of oil pipelines to provide water to drought prone areas from places with plenty of water.” –@zaptor99 Unfortunately, it would appear the powers that be would much rather build oil pipelines than water pipelines. Trust me, I don’t get it either.

“A la Carte Cable TV channels. I want to pay for the 7 TV channels I’ll watch and not the 80 I won’t!… we’re getting there, but we’re not there yet!” –@Howdysf As the great Theodor Herzl once said: “If you will it, it is no dream; and if you do not will it, a dream it is and a dream it will stay.” Keep fighting the good fight, @Howdysf. We all feel your struggle.

“An alternative to the car alarm that instead of making a noise when an intrusion is breached, takes photos of the car doors and uploads them via cell tower to the cloud. Would likely cut down on auto theft significantly, but the R&D cost would be significant.” –@Coronis12 This is another legitimately good idea. If they can place cameras so that you can see where you’re backing up, why not on the door? And yes, the world would be a better place if we never had to hear a noisy car alarm again.

“Near infinitely lasting lightbulbs and batteries. They aren’t made because obviously nobody would buy lightbulbs and batteries anymore.” –@HermanManly Ol’ Herman makes a good point on both ends there. I’d love to never have to replace a battery or lightbulb again. But from an optics standpoint, it’s a terrible business model.

“Condoms that improve the experience.” –@OxfordBombers Some folks want to solve world hunger, while others just want condoms to feel better. I totally get where both parties are coming from.

“Hangover cure.” –@ghosttyrion Advil and water normally worked for me in college. But you could Google “hangover cure” and find 365 different cures to test out each day of the year. Go ahead and make a game out of it.

“A water bottle that extracts water from the air.” –@DAL59 I have no idea how this would work, but if ya’ll can figure it out, I’m in.

“A button on the TV that makes the fucking remote beep.” –@Nkechinyerembi This Redditer knows my struggle all too well. Also, to the person who makes every damn commercial a different volume, there will be a special place in hell reserved for you.

“Curing most diseases.” –@CallsignRagnarok Amen! In fact, maybe this one should have been first. Also, universal healthcare.