Last year, Australia was ravaged by bush fires, laying waste to homes, land, and animals. However, if it wasn't for the Irwins, things could have been a lot worse for the creatures affected...

The Irwins are one of the most beloved families in the world...

And it's not hard to see why.

But what you might not know is that they managed to save thousands of animals in the bushfires last year...

And it was an incredible accomplishment.

Australia suffered some of the worst bushfires ever recorded last year.

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A combination of record-breaking high temperatures and a prolonged drought resulted in the outbreak of several bushfires across Australia's east coast.

In 2019, the country experienced its driest spring on record.

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So, when their annual bushfire season arrived in October, things were quick to spiral out of control.

At a formidable pace...

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Bushfires began sparking all over the country, with fire crews struggling to contain the flames.

And, thanks to the country's prolonged drought...

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The land had become even more flammable than it already was, which only enabled the flames to spread at terrifying speeds.

Thousands of firefighters risked their lives to tackle the flames...

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But much of their efforts were to no avail, as the fires continued to rampage across the country, way into 2020.

Australia was forced to seek international help...

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And countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and the United States sent in their own firefighters in a bid to help tackle the blazes.

But, heartbreakingly, many of Australia's brave firefighters lost their lives in the fight for their country.

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Sadly, many died as a result of the bushfires.

And thousands of homes were destroyed...

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Reports claimed millions of acres of land were burned as a result - almost the same size as South Korea!

The flames stretched for thousands of miles.

And people in neighboring countries such as New Zealand reported they could actually see and smell the smoke.

The plumes of smoke could even be seen from space.

NASA reported that one of their satellites was able to capture the thick smoke billowing across the country.

It was a truly terrifying time.

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And the wildlife has perhaps suffered the worst.

Several of Australia's native species suffered a devastating impact by the fires, including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, wombats, and echidnas.

Over a billion animals are estimated to have died.

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In January 2020, Chris Dickman, an ecology expert from the University of Sydney, predicted that "nationally," more than 1 billion different animals had died as a result of the fires and destroyed habitats.

Koalas were among the hardest hit...

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With around 25,000 of the marsupials having perished in the flames.

Thousands more were injured...

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Having to be nursed back to health by volunteers.

Eighty percent of the koala's habitat was completely burnt out...

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Leaving the marsupials without a home or any natural supply of food.

All in all, it was a pretty bleak situation.

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But there was one family, in particular, who went above and beyond to help the animals, birds, and reptiles of Australia.

The Irwins, of course!

The late wife and children of the Australian wildlife enthusiast, and overall legend, Steve Irwin.

Terri, Bindi, and Robert are just as passionate about the planet as Steve was.

And the family have dedicated their lives to continuing Steve's legacy after his untimely death in 2006.

The 3 of them work together to provide vital conservation for animals and the environment...

And have kept Steve's pride and joy, Australia Zoo, up and running successfully.

But, amid the horrific bushfires...

People were concerned about the safety of the zoo.

At the time, Bindi took to Instagram to reassure people about Australia Zoo's safety...

And gave a lengthy insight into the incredible work the Irwins and the rest of the Australia Zoo team have done amid the deadly bushfire crisis.

Luckily, the zoo was safe from the blaze.

Bindi wrote, "With so many devastating fires within Australia, my heart breaks for the people and wildlife who have lost so much. I wanted to let you know that we are SAFE. There are no fires near us @AustraliaZoo or our conservation properties."

And the number of animals treated at the Irwin's animal hospital is simply staggering.

"Our Wildlife Hospital is busier than ever though, having officially treated over 90,000 patients."

90,000 animals, birds, and reptiles.

And Bindi has promised to continue fighting for the animals.

"My parents dedicated our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to my beautiful grandmother." She wrote, "We will continue to honor her by being Wildlife Warriors and saving as many lives as we can."

What an amazing act of kindness.

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