Is Melania Trump Copying Hillary Clinton with This Outfit?

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First Lady Melania Trump is very fashion forward. She’s worn sky-high pumps to disaster areas and has dutifully copied trendy styles from the First Ladies of yesteryear, including Jackie O’s stylish blue ensemble and Michelle Obama’s affordable fashion.

Now, the First Lady is ascending to even greater heights of sartorial splendor.

The Trudeaus came stylishly dressed, he in a slate grey suit and light blue shirt, she in a stylish white A-line dress. Despite the exquisiteness of their combined tailoring, all eyes were on Melania Trump and her outfit of the day. She was wearing – you guessed it, a charcoal grey pinstriped Ralph Lauren pantsuit complete with rakishly untied tie and accentuated by flowing hair kissed with the finest ombre color money can buy.

We would say welcome to pantsuit nation, Mrs. Trump, but it seems this isn’t her first pantsuit!