Island Boys Get Drinks Thrown at Them During Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Fight

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Last night, Jake Paul pulled the trigger once again, knocking Tyron Woodley spark out in the sixth round. Whether it was rigged or not is another matter that’s being widely discussed on the internet.

However. There’s more to the fight than the fight alone.

The Island Boys, famous for their viral TikTok song, also got their fair share of the heat…

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Jake Paul maintained his 100% knockout ratio last night.

Jake Paul dropped Tyron Woodley last night, maintaining his 100% knockout record, with a sixth round KO.

But while the knockout was certainly devastating, many are deeming the fight rigged.

Footage of the knockout is being reviewed by fans across the globe – and many claim they can see proof that the fight was rigged.

An accidental headbutt in the third round left Paul bleeding profusely.

But the YouTube star was able to recover… However that isn’t what the fight fans are talking about.

Instead they’re talking about this.

Many are arguing that Paul twisted his hand just seconds before dropping Woodley.

And they believe that this was a signal for Woodley to drop his guard, allowing Paul to land a clean and brutal shot onto the side of his jaw, knocking him straight out. Goodnight Vienna.

Do you think the fight was rigged?

But that wasn’t the only bit of action on fight night.

No, Paul Woodley aside, and the undercard aside too, the Island Boys also got some flack.

The Floridian twins who became famous because of their Island Boy TikTok song did not get a warm reception at Saturday night’s fight.

They were loudly booed by fans.

Eventually they got to their ringside seats, but the jeering crowd continued to mock them.

Then the Island Boys reportedly got a talking to by security.

According to one tweet, this was due to ‘throwing shoes’…

Apparently everyone wanted a part of the action.

More specifically, everyone wanted at that the Island Boys…

Then they doused the twins in drinks.

Goodness me. I’d say those ringside tickets weren’t worth the dosh.