‘Isolation Party’ Picture Angers People Online Until They Look Closely

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Many people around the world haven’t been taking the rules of self-isolation seriously, but one couple managed to prank their friends and family in the best possible way by throwing an “Isolation Party.”

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And now, most of the world is currently living in complete lockdown and people are trying to master the art of social distancing.

Yep, things are now very serious…

And many people have been descending into mass hysteria over the risks the virus brings with it.

And it has been proven that locking down public areas and avoiding social situations has helped reduce the chances of spreading the already out of control virus.

But it seems that not everyone feels the need to abide by these suggestions…

Recent scenes at the Clearwater Beach in Florida is just one example showing people completely disregarding these global warnings.

And even though many beaches in this area have been closed due to the pandemic, visitors still flocked anyway.

People need to start taking this very seriously.

People are still roaming around as they please, and this has especially been happening in the United Kingdom.

We all know that British people love to socialize…

And it is very apparent that many Brits have been ignoring the nationwide lockdown in order to spend time with their friends over the last month.

Police have gate-crashed way too many house parties across the country…

And the rest of the nation is not happy about this.

Which makes venturing outdoors so much more tempting.  

And it certainly caused quite a stir online.

And he lives in Manchester with his girlfriend, Ellie Morley.

So Ellie decided to post a photo to a Facebook group that they are a part of that has been set up to help people stuck indoors during isolation or quarantine.

And she captioned it, “Isolation party!”.

And, of course, many were immediately furious due to the government banning gatherings of more than 2 people.

But it turns out that this is just a case of some very clever photoshop.

Here is a close up of the picture, and as you can now see, Simon and Ellie have simply photoshopped numerous different pictures of themselves around the room to make it look like one big party.

And a further 5 hours to edit.

“I seen this and got so angry and said wtf! Then I realized it’s just you both copied and pasted brilliant,” one Facebook user wrote.

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