A man's drastic, but somewhat hilarious response to an argument with his wife has gone viral this week...

Relationships don't always work out.

And, sometimes, it takes a while to realize that you're actually less compatible with your significant other than you first thought.

Most people come to accept this and move on with their lives...

But arguing with a spouse or partner will never be easy.

That can sometimes end with things getting pretty heated...

Which makes taking time to "cooling off" of the utmost importance.

No matter what happened in the relationship.

But, this week, one man took his cooling off tactic to the extreme.

A man was discovered 450km from his home by Italian police this week.

According to The Independent, he'd walked north from his home in Como following a heated argument with his wife.

The man was lucid, but very cold and tired.

He'd been reported as missing by his wife a week earlier - but police were shocked that he had turned up so far from his home.

And to add insult to injury?

He was hit with a $480 fine for breaking lockdown.

Just look at this route!

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