Being a first-time mother is difficult, ask any mom and they will tell you the same! But for parents Cristina Rosi and Gabriele Suci, this new task was made so much harder when Cristina fell into a coma just 3 months before her due date.

But now, she has finally awoken as a new mother after giving birth via Cesarean section while still in a coma.

Thirty-seven-year-old Cristina Rosi, from Monte San Savino in Tuscany, was 7 months pregnant when she fell into a coma after suffering a heart attack

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The baby was delivered by doctors via an emergency Cesarean section whilst Cristina remained in a coma.

Now, ten months after the ordeal, Ms. Rosi's husband Gabriele Suci has described the "real joy" that he and his wife were able to finally embrace after "so much suffering."

According to her husband, as she woke, her first word was "Mamma."

Speaking to the Italian paper La Nazione Mr. Succi said, "It's a real joy after so much suffering. Even the doctors in the room have confirmed that Cristina has said her first word."

After waking, the mother was transferred to a clinic in Austria where she will receive twenty-four-hour specialist care while undergoing neurological rehabilitation.


"Seeing her progress and thinking about how she was only a few months ago with all the tests she had to overcome, it seems like a miracle."

He continued: "My wife breathes and swallows by herself."

Cristina Rosi's treatment is currently funded by a GoFundMe page set up by her husband.

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The treatment, which sees her receive intense physiotherapy sessions, is financed by donations, which has so far reached €180,572 ($218,799). However, Mr. Succi is hoping to raise more to continue to fund his wife's treatments abroad.

"So far, we have been able to guarantee Cristina the therapies. We cannot stop now. My wife and daughter deserve to go home in the best possible condition."

Rosi and her daughter Caterina both risked brain damage due to a lack of oxygen during the delivery.

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"Cristina is hardly recognizable now," Mr. Succi was quoted as saying by the Arezzo Notizie news website, "She's more relaxed, they removed her tracheotomy [and] through a pump they are giving her a medicine that should lead to other physical progress."

Caterina spent a number of months in hospital due to a lack of oxygen during her birth, but she is now in good health.

We wish Cristina a speedy recovery!