Italian Police Delivered A Donor Kidney 300 Miles Away in Two Hours Driving A Lamborghini

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Footage of Italian police delivering a donor kidney via a Lamborghini has solicited a huge reaction online…

But one of the manufacturer’s vehicles was used for a more unconventional reason recently.

Making the 300 mile trip in just 2 hours.

Helicopters are typically used to transport organs to the hospital as they tend to be quicker and safer for everyone.

Well, some Italians have attempted to shed light on the move that’s had many people scratching their heads after watching the clip.

The vehicle comes complete with a refrigerated trunk and a defibrillator that made it ideal for transporting organs.

And of course, many people were left confused over the unique method of transportation.

Some people have attempted to shed light on the reasoning.

Some raised the valid point that not all hospitals in Italy have helicopter pads – which could be the reason why the supercar was used instead.

Either-way, we’re sure the recipient of the kidney was grateful for the organ arriving safely on time.

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