Italian Village Is Entirely Surrounded by Wildflowers

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With people having been forced to put their travels on hold, lots of tourist hot spots have been given the privacy to bloom including spectacular botanical gardens…

One particular place in Italy has received some praise for its gorgeous sea of wildflowers.

Keep scrolling for the unbelievable pictures…

Being among nature is said to reduce stress and overall improve mental wellbeing.

We can still appreciate our green spaces all around the world.

Keep scrolling for stunning pictures of some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, and to find out where in the world they are…

This botanical garden isn’t just for display, it also protects a variety of animals including deer, beavers, butterflies, and birds.

But they are alive and well here in the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, in Thailand.

The Gardens of Chateau de Villandry in France has three different gardens… I don’t even have one!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so meticulous than the Gardens of Versailles.

Despite the Ashikaga Flower Park being closed, all staff are still looking after the plants, including their prized “Great Wisteria.”

The Azalea Festival kicks offs shortly after the cherry blossom season ends, which would have been right about now, at the Nezu Shrine – one of the oldest shrines in Tokyo!

The most spectacular flower event in Japan is the Nemophila (Baby blue eyes) festival held in Hitachi Seaside Park.

Keukenhof has over 7 million flowering plants and is only open in spring, but they recently shared a video with their Instagram followers…

This means visitors can take a look at the gardens from the comfort of their homes, bringing the outside in…

The park attracts so many tourists that photographers have to photoshop them out of the fields… It’s almost impossible to take a person-free landscape shot!

Well, you’re wrong…

The blooming season is upon us and this rural Italian hilltop village of Castelluccio is surrounded by a bed of vibrant wildflowers.

The annual bloom is known in Italy as “la fioritura” and for this particular area, occurs between May and July, with the peak hitting the latter.

People from all over the world come and visit during the summer in the hopes that they will be able to witness the radiant sea of wildflowers, but of course, with many travel restrictions right now, it has been difficult to do so.

Things should pick up.

From poppies to cornflowers to daisies and violets, this place needs to be on anyone’s bucket list.

Keep scrolling to see some other rare and beautiful plant species. This one is known as the strawberry blonde sunflower…