The reign of the once prolific Wayans family appears to have fizzled out over recent years and now, we know why.

Here's why Hollywood seemingly won't cast them anymore...

The Wayans Brothers were regulars on our screens for decades...

From movies to smash hit sitcoms, it feels as though not a week would go by without seeing a member of the Wayans family.

But there's no doubt in recent years we just don't hear from them as much as we used to.

In fact, it's reportedly been 7 years since they've had anything in the works.

Which has led many to ask the same question...

Why isn't Hollwyood casting them anymore?

Well, it seems there are a number of reasons that we don't hear much from the famous brood anymore.

Now, it all makes sense.

Of course, the Wayans family is one of America's most famous comedic families.

The brood is made up of Howell Stouten Wayans and his wife Elvira Alethia and their ten children - Dwayne Wayans (b. 1956), Keenen Ivory Wayans (b. 1958), Diedra Wayans (b. 1959), Damon Wayans (b. 1960), Kim Wayans (b. 1961), Elvira Wayans (b. 1964), Nadia Wayans (b. 1965), Devonne Wayans (b. 1966), Shawn Wayans (b. 1971), Marlon Wayans (b. 1972).

Keenan Ivory Wayans is credited as being the first member of the family to get involved in Hollywood projects.

The actor created and starred on Fox's sketch comedy series In Living Color, as did his siblings Damon, Kim, Shawn, and Marlon.

And, when the series concluded...

Keenan turned to the director's chair for the Scary MovieΒ franchise alongside several other hits.

His brother, Damon, turned to the small screen in sitcoms like My Wife and Kids...

And of course, Shawn and Marlon became a successful film comedy duo.

They're best known for the 2004 comedy flick White Chicks.

Although many criticized the film for being low brow and too obvious, it garnered a legion of fans and a cult following, thanks to its silly humor and shock value.

It was essentially a vehicle for the brothers...

Although the 2 are somewhat unrecognizable in the film itself.

Because they spend the majority of the film looking like this.

The brothers go undercover as a pair of white females.

In spite of a lukewarm critical reception, the film is not lacking in fans.

Since its 2004 release, it has gained a cult following with many still amused by the wacky, slapstick humor and insane quote-ability.

But, many fans have begun to notice the same thing...

Where have they disappeared to?

To start off with, several of their projects have fizzled out.

Including an In Living Color reboot. In 2012, Deadline reported that 2 In Living Color specials would air as a part of the FOX network's 25th anniversary slate of shows.

But, April 2012 came and went, and then so did the May 2012 air date.

Then, in January 2013, Keenan Wayans told the New York Post that the reboot wasn't happening. "The bar for In Living Color is so high that, if I didn't feel like we could sustain that, then I did not want to move forward," he said.

And when it came to other projects, luck hasn't been on their side.

Damon tried to return to his comedic roots in 2006 with the TV sketch comedy The Underground, but, unfortunately, the show didn't do too well.

Many fans didn't know that Damon's The Underground even existed in the first place...

And consequently, the series was canceled after just one 10-episode season.

As for those who did manage to watch the show?

Well, they weren't overly impressed by what they saw. In one review, Variety claimed the series "plays like warmed-over improv stew that labors way too hard to shock." Yikes.

Many also believe the brother's comedy has gone stale.

The success of White ChicksΒ is undeniable, but it seems this had fizzled out by the time we got to 2009's Dance Flick - which earned a mere $25 million at the box office.

Attempting to go back to their roots, the duo previously attempted to drum up excitement for a second White Chicks movie...

After first announcing it in 2009, it was subsequently scrapped. Shawn and Marlon then revealed plans for a sequel in 2015, but it once again came to no avail.

But perhaps one of the bigger reasons why the family isn't seen on our screens as much?

Well, Damon Wayans seemingly defended Bill Cosby and attacked his accusers.

Cosby was accused by many women of allegedly drugging and raping them.

Damon weighed in on the Cosby situation during a 2015 radio interview on Power 105.1. Wayans said that if he were Cosby, he "would divorce my wife, wink-wink, give her all my money, and then I would go do a deposition. I would light one of them three-hour cigars. I'd have me some wine and maybe a Quaalude and I would just go off, because I don't believe that he was raping."

He suggested that Cosby was in relationships with all of his accusers...

And that they called him out for sexual assault when they got offended that the comedian couldn't "get it up" anymore. Wow.

The reign of the Wayans lasted a long time...

And many have also been quick to point out how it's the second generation of the family getting the spotlight now.

So, there you have it!

While they may have been a familiar face on our screen for decades, it looks like the first generation Wayans time in the spotlight is slowly fizzling out. For more like this, scroll on for the reason why Hollywood stopped casting Jim Carrey...