Buckle up, everybody! Ivanka's in the news again!

This time, it's because she claims to have had a punk phase. Let that sink in a sec. Ivanka Trump. Punk phase. Having a hard time picturing it? You're not alone. The entire Internet did, too.

Ivanka's mother (and Donald's ex-wife) recently published a memoir entitled Raising Trump.

In one chapter of the book, Ivanka chimes in to talk about what she calls her "punk phase."

Here's an excerpt from that chapter:

via: Twitter

OK, Ivanka. We have some questions. First of all, what are these "corduroy jeans" you're talking about? Are they corduroy pants, or are they jeans? Secondly — and correct us if we're wrong here — you dyed your hair blue for a couple hours, and that makes you punk?

There's one more huge issue with Ivanka's "punk phase" claim. Namely, the look the describes is not punk.

Ivanka, dear, we know it's difficult to be #relatable, but at least do a bit of research before making these claims. You weren't punk. You were maybe grunge. But probably not.

As you might imagine, the Internet was swift with its response.

See, Ivanka? This is what you would look like if you had a punk phase. But you didn't.

Maybe she heard an Avril Lavigne song once?

Maybe she once lingered for a moment in the doorway of a Hot Topic before being shepherded away to the safety of her cardigan and khaki wardrobe. People also started sharing pictures of Ivanka during this so-called punk phase...

Like this one, where Ivanka is clearly, 100-percent, decidedly not punk.

via: Twitter

Just why, Ivanka? Why did you make this claim? Next thing you know, she'll be claiming to be some kind of feminist! Oh, wait...