Ivanka Trump’s Insensitive New Year’s Resolution Is Making People Furious

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Can we just take away Twitter from the entire Trump family, please? *Insert long, exhausted, frustrated sigh here*

Ivanka Trump recently tweeted about her “New Year” resolution, and Twitter is having none of it. In fact, after she tweeted it out there for the entire world to see, Twitter dragged her. And they were savage. Ruthless, even.

Again, can we please just take away the Twitter accounts from all of the Trumps and everyone associated with them? Thanks!

And what is it? To sleep more. Yep. That’s it — just get more sleep!

If you’re reading her tweet (which included an article explaining why sleep deprivation is toxic) and thinking “WTF?” just know that you aren’t alone. In fact, Twitter had a lot to say about Ivanka’s hopes for 2018.

The replies pretty much say it all. Kind of hard to get more sleep when the majority of people work their butts off just to survive and provide for their family.

People are quick to point out how she blatantly rips off designers and works for her “daddy.” It’s not like it’s undeserved criticism.

And how Ivanka appears to be the poster child for white privilege. So many internet side-eye glances happening right now. But the dragging doesn’t end there…

This isn’t the first time that Ivanka Trump has been skewered for a post she put on social media. Just recently, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump put out a ridiculous Christmas video.  

The responses to the video have similar sentiments to the New Year’s resolution tweet. They mainly revolve about how tone deaf and out-of-touch the Trumps are.

Yet packed a severe punch all the same. Do you think Ivanka favorited any of the responses? We’re going to go out on a limb here and say probably not!

Pointing out that Trump himself is pretty much the most toxic person on the planet. Maybe she wants to sleep more to try and forget that fact?

Let’s be honest, she probably won’t. We personally think that the Trumps’ New Year’s resolutions should include one involving tweeting way less. Happy New Year!