A little boy battling with cancer had his dreams come true courtesy of 3 very special celeb faces.

Footage from his Facetime calls have now been posted online, where they have been quick to go viral.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to watch the heartbreaking moments for yourself...

Elijah Patrick Williams sadly passed away this week.

The young boy, from Hampton, Virginia, finally lost his long and grueling battle with cancer. He was only eleven-years-old.

The Williams family's world was torn apart when a tumor was discovered on Elijah's kidney back in 2017.

And, after various tests and grueling procedures, their worst fears were confirmed - Their eldest son had cancer.

Out of all the illnesses in the world, cancer is by far one of the most devastating.

A result of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, cancer develops when the body's normal control mechanism stops working.

Instead of old cells dying like they're supposed to...

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They instead mutate, forming new, abnormal cells.

Sadly, we are a long way off from finding an official cure for cancer...

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And the numbers of those being diagnosed with the illness keep on rising every year. In 2019, an estimated 1.8 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone.

The current treatment for the disease is grueling.

The goal of treatment is to kill as many cancerous cells as possible, all the while avoiding any damage to the normal and healthy cells nearby.

However, this isn't always possible.

The most common treatment, chemotherapy, acts as a "poison" and kills off the abnormal cells. But, as a result, it can kill normal cells, too, making patients incredibly ill and often resulting in hair loss, weight loss, and general sickness.

Though chemotherapy has been proven to have positive effects on eliminating cancerous cells from the body...

It isn't a cure... And we are yet to discover one.

So, out of those diagnosed with the devastating illness...

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An estimated 606,880 sadly pass away every year.

These numbers are simply devastating.

And, as a result of this high statistic, many families go through a lot of effort to make their last few months as comfortable and as special as possible.

Towards the end of his life, Elijah's family wanted to do something truly special...

And intended to show him just how loved he truly was.

Elijah's dream was to, one day, meet his 3 favorite musicians.

The hip hop and R&B icons, J. Cole, The Weeknd, and Drake.

And, luckily for the young music fan...

His cousin, Michael Watson II works in the music industry and had just the right contacts to make Elijah's dream a reality.

Though the stars weren't able to physically meet Elijah in person...

All 3 of them were able to give him an unforgettable phonecall via Facetime.

Each star took the time to individually Facetime Elijah...

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And The Weeknd could be heard telling the youngster that he was "so honored to be one of his favorite artists."

J. Cole also made an appearance...

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Where he told Elijah, "It's a pleasure to meet you man, I love you."

Meeting his idols truly lifted Elijah's spirits during the difficult last days of his life.

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And Watson took to Instagram to thank those who helped make the FaceTime sessions happen in such a short space of time while reminding people to keep those they love close.

The Williams family will remember these moments forever.

Watson wrote: "Incredibly grateful for these 3 super-humans being so caring for my family during this time. We’ll hold onto these moments forever." You can watch a montage of the Facetime calls above.

Elijah's mom, Kiara, also took to Instagram to express her gratitude.

She wrote;

"I just want to say a huge Thank you to @realcoleworld @theweeknd @champagnepapi & @joeylogano for showing my baby some love these last difficult days of his life. I truly appreciate you all."

Rest in peace, Elijah.

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