Jaclyn Hill’s Makeup Line Is Getting Trashed by Fans

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Breaking news: there’s tea to be spilled in the beauty industry, and believe it or not, it doesn’t involve James Charles, Tati Westbrook, or Jeffree Star. For once!

It’s undeniable that the beauty industry is perhaps the hottest place for gossip right now and there’s always something, or someone, out there just on the verge of being absolutely roasted online. I surely can’t be the only one who absolutely lives for the tea… am I?

Youtuber and business owner, Jaclyn Hill, is the most recent to fall victim to the trash talk of the online beauty world, and it really isn’t looking good for the beauty star right now. Read on to find out what’s going down with Jaclyn’s makeup line…

For those that are new to the beauty industry, Jaclyn Hill is a beauty blogging veteran. Starting in 2011, she began posting makeup tutorials on Youtube, and, since then, has gained a whopping 5.9 million subscribers.  

Jaclyn’s Youtube channel consists of makeup reviews and tutorials, and she even featured the legendary Kim Kardashian on her channel in 2017 to promote Kim’s makeup line, KKW Beauty.

And she recently unveiled her very own Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Jaclyn has had her fair share of collaborations, including making highlighters and eyeshadow palettes with beauty giants such as Becca Cosmetics and Morphe until she started her very own Jaclyn Cosmetics, which was announced last month.  

With a profile as high as Jaclyn’s, the standards expected have been super high for her new makeup line, which, so far, only stocks her signature lipsticks in twenty different shades.

The release of the Jaclyn signature lipsticks is clearly only the start for her cosmetics line, and it is more than likely that Jaclyn will be releasing many more products in the future.  

The last few days have seen a backlash against the beauty star’s collection. The whole of the internet is complaining about the same thing concerning Jaclyn’s new products.

Fans were initially super excited

The anticipation of the release of Jaclyn Cosmetics was an immense one, and the line was, at first, very well received. But beauty fans who have purchased the collection have noticed the same, rather uncomfortable, characteristic in the products…

They were soon to be very disappointed.

When customers excitedly unboxed their new lipsticks, they were shocked to find that the products were lumpy, covered in bumps.

The exact same thing happened to another excited customer…

Not what you want when you’ve just paid $18 for a lipstick…

Jaclyn issued a statement via Twitter a few days ago, updating fans on how she is “working very hard on finding out exactly what’s causing the bumpy texture and grittiness in the lipsticks,” with her team. Her apology appeared sincere and Jaclyn seems eager to get the problem resolved. She wants the dissatisfied customers to be reimbursed with new products; which is all we can ask for, right?

Youtuber and blogger, Raw Beauty Kristi, uploaded a harsh review on the collection and pointed out the stray hairs that she found on one of the lipsticks.

I’m sorry, but stray hairs are exactly what you don’t want to find on your brand new lipstick.

So what exactly are these hairs, Jaclyn?

I feel like I am not the only one who wants to know why the heck there are hairs on these beautiful lipsticks?  

Excuse me while I shed a tear over this loss…

Jaclyn responded to Kristi’s tweet explaining what the hairs were… “Brand new white gloves that have shed all over the product.” It seems legit to me.

Jaclyn went on to explain to her fans that the white gloves have been swapped for rubber gloves, which don’t leave any stray fibers on the finished products.

Despite the roasting that her “fresh out the womb” cosmetics line has experienced in the past few days.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet that these hairs were indeed “fibers” from gloves, but Jaclyn has done the most that she can by offering refunds and replacements to all customers affected by this mishap.

Haters gonna hate, as they say… All we can ask of Jaclyn is to stay strong, and, maybe next time, make sure that there aren’t any hairs on her lipsticks before she sends them out…