‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley Being Moved to Federal Prison for Mental Evaluation

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Jacob Chansley is being moved to federal prison for a “mental evaluation.”

NBC News reported that Jacob Chansley, also known by the nickname QAnon Shaman, is being moved from his current jail to federal prison for a psychological evaluation sometime this week.

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The Capitol rioter, who gained fame for his unique choice of headdress during the insurrection on January 6th, will be transferred to a facility in Colorado where he will undergo some testing to determine whether he is mentally ill or not.

Currently, he is being held at Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia, but the justice department has confirmed the transfer, citing a “forensic evaluation.”

The news has come after Chansley’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, has repeatedly used mental health as the main base of his arguments in defense of his client. He also added that Chansley is autistic and only believed he was following the orders set out by the president of the United States, Donald Trump.
“He was not violent. He did not assault. He did not steal or destroy while he was in the Capitol,” Watkins said.

He also argued that his client was “groomed,” just like thousands of other Trump fans.

“For years during the Trump administration, the President honed and routinely utilized his mass communication means to effectively groom millions of Americans with respect to his policies, protocols, beliefs and overwhelming fixation on all matters conspiratorial,” the lawyer wrote back in February.

However, this tactic displayed by the lawyer has been slammed by other experts.

Jay Town, a former federal prosecutor, also told the outlet: “If anything, it is an admission to criminal conduct.
“While this ineffective tactic may help with headlines, it will not help the fate of any defendant.”

Chansley was originally arrested straight after the riot on 6 federal charges, including “disorderly conduct.”

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But he has pleaded not guilty to all of them.
If his lawyers can prove that he was not mentally well at the time of the insurrection, they may save him from serving a lengthy prison sentence. However, he will most likely be treated at another federal hospital.
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