Kid From ‘Wife Swap’ Family Sentenced to 30 Years for Murder of His Mom and Brother

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A family that appeared on Wife Swap has met a devastating fate after one of their sons killed his mom and brother…

The Stockdale family appeared on ABC’s hit show back in 2008, where they portrayed themselves as a wholesome family band…

The bluegrass band was comprised of husband and wife, Timothy, who sang, and Kathryn, who managed the band, and their sons: Calvin, Charles, Jacob, and James, all of which played musical instruments.

While they might sound like the perfect family, Timothy and Kathryn were extremely strict on their boys…

Not only were they homeschooled, but their parents controlled every aspect of their lives, banning TV, video games, dating, and they even had to exchange tokens they received for doing chores to allow them to listen to the radio.

As the years went on, it seems life had gotten too much to bear for one of the sons, resulting in him doing the unthinkable…

On June 15, 2017, Jacob Stockdale, the second-youngest brother, was found by police with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head, after neighbors called law enforcement upon hearing shots fired at their farmhouse.

Although Jacob (on the left in the picture below) had to receive urgent medical treatment, he ultimately survived…

Sadly, the same wasn’t true of his mother and youngest brother James (on the right) who were pronounced dead at the scene.

As per lineframe, the oldest son, Calvin, gave a statement shortly after the brutal murders: “James, our youngest brother, has always been a catalyst of family fun. He leaves behind many friends and a family that loved him dearly. My brother, Jacob, is still in critical condition and we are praying for his physical recovery as our family makes funeral plans and begins the healing process.”

After his recovery, Jacob was sentenced to prison for 2 counts of murder, but plead not guilty under cause of insanity.

In 2019, after 2 attempts at trying to escape from the hospital, where he was put under observation, medical experts deemed him sane. He was set to start the trial for his crimes in 2021, but due to the pandemic, they were postponed.

Jacob finally pled guilty before his trial was due to take place, and the judge sentenced him to fifteen years for each count of murder.

Although it’s not yet known why Jacob committed those heinous acts, his almost claustrophobic upbringing seems to be the main catalyst.

Rest in peace to the victims.