Jamaican Bobsledder Who Inspired Cool Runnings Dies Aged 58 | 22 Words

Breaking news just in that Jamaican Bobsledder, Sam Clayton Jr, has passed away aged fifty-eight.

His cause of death has now been revealed.

Sam Clayton Jr was part of the 1988 Jamaican bobsled team that qualified for the Winter Olympic Games.

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At the time, the team was seen as the underdogs, as they represented a tropical nation in the winter sport.

As well as his Olympic career...

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He was a sound engineer, with The New York Times describing  him as a "musical jack-of-all-trades."

Sam's career inspired the Disney classic, Cool Runnings

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Who remembers the iconic movie?

But sadly, today, the star has passed away.

He was fifty-eight years old.

His cause of death has now been revealed.

It's been reported that he died on March 31st in Kingston, Jamaica from coronavirus. This is a breaking news story. More updates to come.