Jameela Jamil Faces Intense Backlash After ‘Skincare Privilege’ Comments

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Jameela Jamil is on the receiving end of huge backlash for how she responded to a fan complimenting her skin…

This time for her comments regarding so-called “skincare privilege.”

And after she clapped back to the criticism, what she said only riled fans up more.

Who hasn’t heard of Jameela Jamil?

Well, if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard her on Twitter!

And the thirty-four-year-old has worked very hard to get to where she is today.

And she described herself as “bookish” and “shy” at school amidst her suffering from anorexia between the ages of fourteen and seventeen.

“I was physically and verbally [abused] very badly at school,” she told the HuffPost. “Like beaten senseless by kids for being from a Pakistani family and for being poor. That was before the age of 10, and that went on until I was about sixteen.”  

This is a genetic disorder that causes loose joints, joint pain, stretchy skin, and abnormal scarring, and after Jameela was hit by a car when she was seventeen, she broke several bones and damaged her spine.

And when she recovered, Jameela went on to study at Queen’s College School in London and alongside teaching English as a foreign language, she pursued a career in modeling and photography.

In 2015, she launched Why Not People? – an event and membership company dedicated to hosting live entertainment accessible to people with disabilities. She also campaigns strongly for the body positivity movement, and she has very publically slammed the Kardashian family in the past for promoting unhealthy dietary supplements.

Jameela has been subjected to racism all of her life, with her explaining, “I’ve experienced racism out in the streets wherever I am.” “I have experienced racism online from trolling. I just recently, in 2018, did this interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy for Channel 4 and it was a widely circulated interview, and we got messages like, ‘That room must have been stinking with those P**** in the room.’ Those are the kinds of messages I receive on a daily basis.”  

And she now has a very successful career on British television as a presenter, DJ, and host.

She’s also very opinionated

And she isn’t afraid of letting others know exactly how she feels.

And Jameela regularly stands up to potty-mouthed journalist Piers Morgan in furious debates.

The star has racked up her fair share of haters who tend to accuse her of trying to be too woke and being performative.

And this week is no exception to that.

The comments were filled with fans complimenting her complexion and pointing out how “perfect” her skin looked.

After seeing this comment…

Jameela decided to write a response, but what she had to say really didn’t go down well with people.

Jameela decided to clap back at this fan.


And fans are now even more furious with the star.

And she didn’t stop there…

Regardless of the backlash, Jameela clearly stands by her comment. For more on the star, scroll on to read about how she opened up about her abortion…