Jameela Jamil Says She Hopes Cardi B ‘Sh*ts Herself in Public’ for Promoting Detox Tea

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If you know The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil, then you know she’s outspoken in all the best ways. As an activist who speaks out on body-shaming and her own struggles with eating disorders, Jamil uses her platform to call out unhealthy trends and beauty standards when she sees them. She advocates for women, and for a healthier narrative on body image in society, and that’s why we love her!

Recently, Cardi B (and other celebrities) have been plugging detox teas on social media. But Jameela was having none of that– she immediately made a post of her own on the subject. See the whole story, what Jamil had to say—and why it’s so important!

Jameela Jamil has no problem being vocal about her opinions.

And honestly, that’s a very good thing.

She has a lot to say about detox teas and their benefits.

Recently, she called out Cardi B for plugging detox teas on her Instagram account, calling them “laxative nonsense.”

And she also hopes that the celebrities who plug it “sh*t their pants in public.”

In context, the comment makes a lot more sense.

And Jameela wasn’t finished yet:

Because there’s a difference between making healthy choices and drinking something to try and lose weight. And Jameela knows it!

Now this is solid advice.

Really, who knows more about what’s good for our bodies: Cardi B, or a licensed physician? We’re gonna go with the physician.

And Jameela’s followers agreed.

Yep! If your liver wasn’t naturally doing the detoxifying, you would be hospitalized. So, the tea is pretty unnecessary.

Being size 0 isn’t everything.

Luckily, many people seeing Jameela’s post were on the same page about using those laxative products to lose weight.

Jameela also urged followers to listen to this GP experienced in dealing with detox teas.

And there you have it; doctors like this one have had to treat patients suffering from the effects of such products.

So, Cardi B saw Jameela’s tweets.

And responded in an Instagram comment, writing:
I will never shit my pants cause there’s public bathrooms everywhere…oooo and bushes. –iamcardib

But Kameela reacted to that comment, too.

She insinuated that Cardi wasn’t actually drinking the tea that she was advertising.

From there, Jameela called out a number of celebrities for promoting such products.

For instance, Iggy Azalea posted this ad for meal-replacement shakes to Twitter.

An advertisement that Jameela called “embarrassing.”

Because Jameela is the best ally. 

Also, Iggy’s followers weren’t really buying it either.

Yeah, skipping meals to drink smoothies with dubious ingredients and nutrition isn’t the way to go.

Perez Hilton tried weighing in on the exchange between Jameela and Cardi B.

In a tweet, he argued that he’d take the money if a detox tea company made him an offer.

And Jameela wasn’t having it.

Yes, queen! How’s that for “holier than thou?”

She called out Kim Kardashian back in May.

Kim had an ad for Appetite Suppressant Lollipops, which Jameela pointed out was a dangerous thing to tell young women to consume in place of actual food.

Especially, as others pointed out, you don’t need to hurt your body to lose weight.

Less isn’t more when it comes to losing weight. Your body will always need actual food to function properly, and no lollipop is going to change that.

Jameela’s frank and honest discussions have often touched fans.

She isn’t afraid to open up about her own struggles, and use that experience to help other people.

In one interview, she explained an important revelation.

Jameela further called out the Kardashians for being double agents of the patriarchy, saying that women are being sold self-consciousness.

Her message resonated with fans.

And gave them a thing or five to think about!

To be sure, her has been appreciated.

We absolutely need more voices telling young women (and pretty much everyone, for that matter) not to be ashamed of their bodies.

After all, society shouldn’t be made for only one type of person.

And that’s why a voice like Jameela’s is so important!

She even started a body-positive Instagram account!

You are more than your looks. You are smart, you are funny, you are important, you are kind, you are loving, you are creative, you are logical, you are scientific, you are an achiever, you are a dreamer, you are balanced, you are active, you are thoughtful, you are complicated, you are passionate, you are helpful … there are so many amazing things that you are, and that’s why you are valued by us, always.i_weigh

i_weigh is a movement “for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are.”

It’s also where Jameela posted a little joke in the wake of all this detox talk.  In all seriousness, the account is filled with pictures of people, of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, who have also labeled each photo with the myriad other things they are besides their outward appearances. Every picture there is beautiful!

It’s one of Jameela’s methods to spread self-love.

And it seems to be doing a lovely job of it!

Whether online or in person, she is not to be trifled with.

Let’s not forget the time some guy tried to body-shame Jameela at the gym. She posted this video to Twitter, and it is on point.

She gave an even bigger response to the dieting companies on Instagram.

Some thoughts I have about @flattummyco being flogged this morning to prey on the RIDICULOUS shame women are made to feel when they indulge on days like Thanksgiving. I hate this company and its poisonous rhetoric that is only marketed at young girls and their branding is all pink. They are just the worst.jameelajamilofficial

And here’s why she’s so passionate about this stuff:

She lived it, she survived it, and she’s trying to make sure others don’t have to.

Clearly, you don’t come for Jameela Jamil. She comes for you.

And both her honesty and work towards spreading body positivity deserve a standing ovation!

Oh—and yeah, she’s seen the headlines about her Cardi B tweet.

She seems pretty on board with the whole thing! Share this story, and Jameela’s words of wisdom, with your friends!