James Charles has found himself in hot water once again - and this may be the controversy that ends his career ...

Since the shocking controversy surfaced, reactions have come pouring in.


For those who don't know, James started his beauty channel when he was sixteen.

At the time, his popularity showed the power of the internet: a platform for voices otherwise silenced or undervalued.

Around this time, James hit up fellow beauty guru Tati's DMs - which was his first dip into controversy.

James had been a fan of Tati's before he started doing his own makeup tutorials. She was impressed with his skill and began promoting him on her channel, which was already well established.

James' stardom quickly ascended.

In 2016, he was named the first male CoverGirl, which was huge. After that, he became mega-famous in this niche community and within a few years, he had fifteen million followers on YouTube and another several million on Twitter and Instagram.

With his newfound fame, he was able to work with people like Kylie Jenner.

Kylie is a mammoth figure in pop culture, so this was a huge deal.

James was even invited to the Met Gala.

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Only the most famous of the famous get an invite to the Met Gala, referred to as the Oscars of fashion.

While at Coachella (the Oscars for Influencers), James posted an #ad for Sugar Bear Hair gummies.

Sugar Bear Hair is a supplement often promoted by Kardashians, Bachelor nation alums, and other influencers with millions of followers. Although supplement promotion has come under criticism, many influencers make most of their money through this kind of sponsored content.

After the SBH post, Tati took to Instagram to say that she felt hurt by James.

Tati has a supplement company called Halo that James has never promoted. She felt like he went behind her back and promoted her rival's company after she's done so much to support him. James immediately posted an IG story apologizing to Tati, but only after fulfilling his contract with SBH and getting paid.

To heat things up, Gabriel Zamora, another beauty 'Tuber, made a video shading Tati.

Gabriel argued in his video that James can promote whatever he wants - Tati doesn't "have" him exclusively just because she's been his mentor. He thought that the whole situation was ridiculous.

After Gabriel's video, Tati released the video heard around the world.

The now-privated video was forty-three minutes long and was as intense as it sounds.

In the video, Tati laid out all the ways that she's helped James, slammed him for how he mishandled the SBH promotion, accused him of trying to stoke the fire by talking to drama channels, and finally she dropped a big bomb. She accused him of coercing straight men into hooking up with him something that ultimately, broke the back of his fame.

James responded to that video with his own video.

James posted an eight-minute video response, makeup-less, simply titled "tati." In the video, he apologized to Tati for how he handled the SBH deal and cried while talking about how much he loves his mom.

After these videos came out, "James Charles" started trending on Twitter, which, these days, is mostly a bad thing.

He calls his fans "sisters," and #byesister took off.

James' YouTube subscriber count crashed.

James lost 1.2 million followers in one day, which is the most that anyone has ever lost in one day.

However, Tati's follower count exploded.

She had five million subscribers on YouTube when the drama began and went on to double that.

Many people who had never heard of these people followed along.

James Charles had been in the news because of the Met Gala, so once his follower count started its historic crash, the news hit the broader world of the internet.

Jeffree Star even chimed in, surprising no one.

Jeffree Star has never met a scandal that he didn't want to involve himself in. In a now-deleted tweet, he backed up everything that Tati said and added that the accusations of sexual misconduct are why James isn't allowed at his house.

James' little brother, Ian, tweeted about the situation, and Jeffree Star came for him.

In a now-deleted exchange, Ian said that people act tougher on the internet than they would in person, and Jeffree quote tweeted Ian accusing James of being a predator. Jeffree was called out for bullying a teenager and deleted the exchange.

With all of this scrutiny on James, some bad tweets and old scandals then resurfaced.

James has had a few scandals, which isn't surprising given that he became famous under the age of eighteen.

But recently James Charles has found himself in controversy once again.

This time new allegations of him sending sexual messages to underage boys.

He uploaded a video explaining his actions.

Including claiming he did not know the boys were underage at the time.

In spite of this, he's been being dropped by brands left and right.

Including his incredibly lucrative deal with Morphe makeup.

And now it's been confirmed that YouTube has permanently demonetized James' account.

​"If we see that a creator's on- and/or off-platform behavior harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community," their statement reads.

This ban is designed to prevent "malicious harm to others' and 'real world harm' through abuse or violence, cruelty, or fraudulent or deceptive behavior."

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