James Corden Wants Wedding Gift For Meghan and Harry Back | 22 Words

It seems James Corden isn't at all impressed with Meghan and Harry's recent marriage revelation, so much so, he has asked for his gift back...

Markle gave details of her and Harry's secret wedding for the first time during their interview with Oprah Winfrey...

She described the ceremony as a "private, backyard wedding."

And the shocking tell-all interview clearly rubbed James Corden up the wrong way...


As the The Late Late Show host asked for his wedding gift back.

He even shared his experience of hosting their private reception back in 2018.


Read on to hear what he had to say...

Now we all know Harry appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden in his first public interview since stepping down, to chat about his new life in L.A.

YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden

He was interviewed by Corden on an open-top tour bus - all while drinking tea, of course - as he opened up about what life has been like for him, Meghan, and Archie in the last year.

Here, Harry also revealed - for the first time - the reason he and Meghan stepped away from the royal family.

YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden

When asked, "what made you walk away from the royal family?", Harry politely corrected him by saying, "I didn't walk away."

"It was stepping back rather than stepping down. It was a really difficult environment that I think a lot of people saw... we all know what the British press can be like! And it was destroying my mental health, I was like 'this is toxic!'"

"I did what any husband and father would do."

YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden

"I needed to get my family out of there," he then said.

"But we never walked away. And as far as I'm concerned whatever decisions are made on that side, I will never walk away. I will always be contributing but my life is public service, so wherever I am in the world it's going to be the same thing."

"My life is always going to be about public service and Meghan signed up for that."

YouTube / The Late Late Show with James Corden

"The 2 of us enjoy doing that and trying to bring compassion and try to make people happy, and try to change the world in any small way we can," he explained.

Following this groundbreaking interview, it was then announced that the couple had sat with their friend and broadcasting giant, Oprah Winfrey, for a tell-all interview.

The highly-anticipated interview aired this weekend on March 7th on CBS.

And in typical Oprah fashion, small snippets of the 2-hour long interview were teased in the last week...

YouTube / CBS

Which drove royalists and fans of the couple crazy.

The first couple of teasers showed Meghan talking candidly to Oprah about her experience with the royal family...

YouTube / CBS

And how she isn't afraid of the consequences of speaking out against the palace.

Meghan is seen saying:

YouTube / CBS

"I don't know how they could expect that after all of this time we would still just be silent if there is an active role that The Firm is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us. And if that comes with the risk of losing things, I mean - there's a lot that has been lost already."

There were even more revelations to follow.

Twitter / CBS This Morning

The explosive interview shook the world - but one revelation in particular has got everybody talking.

Meghan revealed that the royal wedding wasn't actually what it seemed.

Twitter / CBS This Morning

"Three days before our wedding we got married. We called the Archbishop and we just said, 'Look, this thing, this spectacle is for the world, but we want our union between us.'"

"So the vows that we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury."

Twitter / CBS This Morning

"I've thought about this a lot because it was like having an out of body experience I was very present for."

"That's the only way I can describe it because the night before I slept through the night entirely, which in and of itself is a bit of a miracle. And then woke up and started listening to that song 'Going to the Chapel'."


"And just tried to make it fun and light and remind ourselves that this was our day - but I think we were both really aware, even in advance of that, just... this wasn't our day. This was the day that was planned for the world."

Now James Corden has hit back at the couple, jokingly asking them to return his wedding gift...


During Monday evening's monologue, he said: "Among the many revelations last night in the interview, Harry and Meghan said that they secretly got married three days before their public wedding. A public wedding I attended."

The comedian went on, "And I've got to tell you, I want my toaster back. That was a wedding present, not a three-day-after-the-wedding present."​


Corden continued: "I was shocked the ceremony I went to wasn't real. It was a sham, can you imagine? When they were like, 'Does anyone here object to this union?' and I was like, 'Me, I do,' they'd be like: 'That's too bad mate, they're already married. We're really just doing this for the show.'"

Corden not only attended Meghan and Harry's wedding back in 2018 but he also hosted their private reception...


It was even reported that Corden dressed up as Henry VIII!

A little extreme.

"In the evening, there were 185 people I think, like a smaller dinner, close friends and family," Corden said.


"And Harry asked if I would do like a performance of some kind. And so I did it, yeah. It wasn't really dressed as Henry VIII, it was just dressed in a kind of Tudor outfit. But I guess I look a bit like Henry VIII, so that's probably why."

You can watch the full clip below...

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