'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Gets Married in Gorgeous Ceremony | 22 Words

Every week, a celebrity couple has been doing the dang thing and deciding to get married. Some wait and throw a huge and extravagant wedding that draws in hundreds of friends and family and even more paparazzi, making sure the event is covered for the entire world to see. Others enjoy the quiet and humble weddings where no one knows, especially the paparazzi.

For actress Gina Rodriguez, it was all about the glamour and honoring her beautiful family as her and her new husband became one. She has become a TV and movie sensation, and her love life on and off screen gets a lot of attention, but her IRL wedding video is bringing all the tears.

As Gina and Joe Locicero tied the knot, we grabbed the tissues because the ceremony was stunning and incredibly moving as her costars joined in on the love and celebration. It's truly a wedding like no other.

"Jane the Virgin" will always be a favorite.

From the moment it aired on TV, viewers were instantly obsessed with the characters and the plot line.

There's just so much to love.

It covers relatable issues and is a great catalyst for tough conversations about sex, love, and complicated relationships.

There's almost too much to love.

The show has some pretty amazing love interests that fans deeply adored, even if people were rooting for different characters as the show progressed.

But there's one love that was true behind and beyond the scenes.

It's a fan most sincere dream to see their favorite characters get together in real life, and this is a moment where we can say our dreams are coming true.

But it wasn't our leading man.

Now, this would be a true dream come true. But, we are way more supportive of true love, and it all started on Season 2, Episode 17.

Every fairytale has a beginning.

This fairytale started with a striptease, which is a beautiful, modern day love story. Joe LoCicero starred as a stripper for Jane's bachelorette party and it was love at first abs, I mean sight.

They made their first red carpet debut in 2016.

Here they are, newly in love and freshly announcing their love to the world.

They kept their love on the down-low.

They didn't broadcast their entire love story to the world, but kept it sweet and sacred to each other.

They celebrated a lot of milestones.

Anniversaries, holidays, new movie releases...you name it, and this celeb couple has celebrated it together.

But their love grew.

And so did our obsession with them. As they packed on more PDA at different red carpet events, fans became super excited about their relationship.

They are a match made in heaven.

Look at those beautiful smile! They look so happy together.

He's been there for her through everything.

Through hair changes and new roles and ideas, they have always been supportive of each other's careers.

Okay, we are really obsessed.

Their love is better than any movie script.

Plus, they are hilarious.

They poke fun at each other quite a bit online and it's fun to see their loving banter.

He finally put a ring on it.

They sneakily announced their engagement in the summer of 2018 on Gina's 34th birthday.

You have to get a good look at that ring.

Swipe on his photos to see the rock that is holding her hand down. She is one lucky lady.

Let's take another look.

That ring really glitters and glows in the very few pictures it's been seen in.

Before we knew it, it was official.

On May 4, 2019, the two lovebirds said their vows in front of family and friends at an absolutely beautiful ceremony.

Gina shared this beautiful video with the world.

Her Instagram caption detailed that they had the ceremony in front of their closest family and friends, saying that it was "absolute MAGIC."

Did you notice their officiant?

Costar and best TV baby daddy Justin Baldoni officiated their wedding. The two have a beautiful and deep friendship on and off screen so it just makes sense to have him be a part of their big day.

The pictures are stunning.

Everything at the ceremony was truly so beautiful and glamorous.

Also, did you notice her outfit change?

She went from this beautiful silk gown, that she looked absolutely stunning in...

Then she switched it up for the reception!

Her second dress was a sheer, beaded piece that she just glowed in. Plus, this dressed allowed her to really get down on the dance floor!

Fans were feeling all the feels.

Many fans were so happy for Gina and Joe and were very supportive of their love and their big day.

There were a lot of tears.

Not going to lie, I teared up quite a bit watching the wedding clip. I'm hoping there will be a 30-minute version of it so I can really indulge.

Most of the tears were from Joe.

This man did not hold back his emotions at the ceremony, or the reception. He just let it all out and it was truly an emotional moment to watch.

We all felt that.

Watching Joe cry was a beautiful moment to witness. This is a love we all stan for.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

This moment felt like a movie. Joe and Gina, we are rooting for you all the way!

Same, girl. Same.

Yes, we are sad we didn't get an invite, but at least we have the video to watch and rewatch a million times to help us cope.

To the newlyweds!

We couldn't be more excited to congratulate the newlyweds and share in their love!