It's a universally accepted truth that, nowadays, anyone can be anyone, thanks to the power of the internet. When you can hide behind a screen, you can polish your entire life to make it seem far more glamorous and exciting than it is in reality. But some people really push things to the limit - and one Japanese motorbiker is a real testament to this.

Prepare to be well and truly shocked...

On the internet, anyone can be anyone.

It's important to remember that, lurking behind the screen, could be someone quite different from who you're imagining.

Which has led to a pretty strange internet phenomenon.

Popularized by the documentary and MTV show, the term "catfishing" refers to any person presenting as somebody else on the internet - often for romantic gain.

While this shouldn't surprise us, it often does.

But the latest in a long line of unmasked catfishes is among the most shocking yet.

For a long time, she's had a loyal following.

And while this is purely speculation, it's likely that a large amount of her popularity is based on the fact she's very youthful and conventionally attractive.

And it's not just fame that she's gained.

This motorbiker has built a career off it.

But there's one thing that these fans should have counted on.

Even in an age wherein the proliferation of face filters is the talk of the internet, nobody suspected that someone had been using it for fiscal gain.

Because it's been revealed that Azusaga Kuyuki isn't what she seems.

This star was actually far older than she'd presented.

Oh, and that's not all.

She was also a man.

The reason?

It was all to gain an online following - and it worked!

But today, the unthinkable happened.

The face filtering app underwent a glitch.

And the results of the glitch?

Well, it caused the filters to fail - which meant that Kuyuki's mask slipped, and her true identity was revealed.

The audience had an immediate reaction.


Here's what everyone thought she looked like.


Those filters are pretty incredible.

And the big reveal ...


Pretty crazy stuff ...

We can't believe it.


Can you?

Although, perhaps we can all learn a valuable lesson.

Even though we can pretend to be someone else online, it doesn't necessarily mean that we should.