Country Star Jason Aldean Defends His Family’s Anti-Biden Clothing After Controversial Posts Draw Criticism

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Jason Aldean has defended his family’s anti-Biden clothing after his wife, Brittany Aldean, took to Instagram to share photos of her family proudly wearing them…

And they received a lot of criticism for it…

Here’s the full story.

Just 8 months into his new role and President Biden has thrown himself into it with gusto.

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In just months after his move to the White House, the president has been keeping himself very busy by dismantling a whole array of controversial Trump-era regulations.

For example…

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Mere hours after his inauguration ceremony, Biden fulfilled one of his top campaign promises by pledging to put the U.S. back in the Paris Agreement on climate change – an international pact aimed at curbing emissions that cause global warming.
Trump famously withdrew from the agreement in 2017, citing costs to American taxpayers.

And as for the country’s ongoing racial division?

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Well, Biden got straight to work on putting the pieces back together.

He first signed an executive order to promote racial equity.

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Biden ordered his government to conduct equity assessments of its agencies and reallocate resources to “advance equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”

He then reversed Trump’s infamous ban on U.S. entry from majority-Muslim countries.

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Biden’s proclamation reversed Trump’s policy that barred entry to the U.S. for refugees and residents from 7 predominantly Muslim countries and orders plans within forty-five days for resuming visa processing.

But, despite all his hard work…

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Biden – just like many past presidents – has made a few mistakes along the way.

He laid into Vladimir Putin, escalating the already tense relationship between the countries.

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Biden was asked if he believed the Russian president was a killer, to which he responded “I do.”

Following the comment, Russia recalled its ambassador from the U.S…

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And demanded an apology. Big yikes.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Biden’s many little slip-ups!

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On several occasions, the president has been filmed falling up the stairs as he boarded Air Force One which resulted in him being a laughing stock online.
Which isn’t something the president of the United States wants to be.

Over the months, President Biden has received his fair share of criticism…

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Most recently from Jason Aldean’s family.

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean recently took to Instagram to share some controversial posts of her family wearing anti-Biden clothing.

Which, as you can imagine, sparked huge criticism online.

The first picture posted to Instagram showed one of her children wearing a top that read…

“Hidin’ from Biden.”
Which saw Jason comment saying “My boy.”

While the second post showed a picture of Brittany wearing a T-shirt that read “Anti Biden Social Club.”

Alongside a picture of Brittany and Jason’s 2 children, Navy and Memphis, wearing T-shirts that read “Hidin’ from Biden.”

Many expressed distaste at her pushing “political affiliations on [her] children.”

But now, although Jason was not pictured wearing any of the anti- Biden clothes, it seems that he has hit back at those criticizing his family for doing so.

As per the Washington Post, Jason took to the comments section of the post to tell one person to watch their mouth.

“Watch ur mouth lady! We will teach our kids what we think is right and what we think is best for their future. If you think what is happening right now is ‘great’ for the future of our kids and grandkids, u are delusional!” he wrote.

Before adding: “Definitely better than what we got now! Please tell me one thing that the current administration has done that is positive? Just 1!!!”

And that’s not all, as Jason has also taken to his own Instagram to post a message.

“I will never apologize for my beliefs or my love for my family and country. This is the greatest country in the world and I want to keep it that way,” he wrote.


What do you think about the whole fiasco?