Jason Derulo decided he was going to buy everyone in the bar a drink in celebration of his Billboard Number 1 but he didn't realize just how expensive it was going to be... Yikes.

Jason Derulo has done it again.

The king of Tik Tok trends has decided to post another hilarious video.

But this time, it might have just been funny for us... But not him.

Because he was forced to pay a very expensive tab at a bar... Yikes.

For those of you that didn't know, Jason Derulo is one of the most iconic pop singers of our generation.

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Jason, who is thirty years old, made a name for himself in 2006 when he began writing songs for artists such as Diddy, Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne.

Jason eventually began to make his own music...

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In 2009, Jason released his debut single, "Whatcha Say", and he went on to release classics such as "Wiggle", "Talk Dirty" and "In My Head."

Jason is known for his suggestive and, let's face it, raunchy style.

The lyrics in the majority of his songs strongly revolve around naked women and partying.

This is probably the reason why so many people love the Florida-born singer...

And we must say, he is rather charming.

Jason has many hidden talents...

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Did you know that he is a professionally trained opera singer?

Turns out, he's a very talented musician.

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He completely blew everyone away at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards when he sang Andrea Bocelli's opera classic "Time To Say Goodbye", which was followed by a remix with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj.

He is always busy making new music...

His EP 2Sides was released in November and it went down very well.

And who could forget that infamous promotional photoshoot?

We're certainly not forgetting that any time soon!

But his music isn't the only thing that fans love...

Jason is known for his great sense of humor and his Instagram most certainly proves this.

He is constantly posting funny videos...

And now he is living in lockdown, he has been taking viral TikTok challenges very seriously.

He has even been giving fans some fitness tips...

Because we'd all love to have a physique like Jason's, right?

Jason has also been dabbling in the kitchen whilst he has been self-isolating.

Take this huge donut burger that he recently rustled up, for example.

And this crazy-looking cookie dough...

Now that's something we want to try!

And who could ever forget about this one?

The video in which he "knocked-out" Will Smith's teeth?

But his most recent Tik Tok video was hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

The singer recently picked up the tab at a bar after he offered to pay for everyone's drinks.

Rookie mistake considering there were hundreds of people in the place.

But because he, along with the Korean boy band, BTS and New Zealand singer Jawsh 685, reached number 1 on the Billboard Music Charts with their rendition of "Savage Love."

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in the moment...

And that's what happened to Derulo at the bar Catch, as his smile disappeared when he was presented with a very expensive bill.

Not only that, but he was later called out by the BTS Army after initially claiming the win as his own.

Um... Bottom tier move, Derulo. And after being told off by thousands of angry Instagram users, he edited the caption to also thank the boy band, saying "We did it."

But that didn't stop the messages pouring in with users claiming he could only afford to pay it because of the K-Pop stars.

Even despite his blunder, he still picked up the tab that came out to a whopping $112,742.30.

And his expression when he was presented with the number said it all. Big yikes.

Watch the full Tik Tok video here:

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