She's still the moon of his life...

Jason Momoa swept his Game of Thrones co-star, Emilia Clarke, off her feet during their sweet reunion over the weekend. Both actors came together in order to celebrate the show's co-creator David Benioff's birthday, where they took some adorable snapshots that are bound to make any GOT fan giddy with excitement. The mere thought of the 2 being in the same room is enough to satisfy our Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen hearts but pictures too??? They're feeding us well.

Both parties shared photographs on their Instagram accounts. Clarke's photo shows her in Momoa's arms, smiling. I mean, who wouldn't be smiling in that position?

"When your sun and stars rolls into town you check that he can still bench press a Khaleesi," Clarke wrote, hashtagging with a strength emoji and a kissing face emoji as well as the words "#drinkingwithdrogoimamazedwesurvived #theboysarebackintown #likeheneverleft."

Stop, or I'll cry.

In Momoa's picture, Clarke is sat on his lap, both with their arms around each other and big grins on their faces.

"MOON OF MY LIFE. you are wonderful love u forever," Momoa captioned his photo, tagging his on-screen wife and hashtagging #smilelyeyes. "happy birthday Benioff you handsome generous badass leo aloha j," he added.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Momoa commented on Clarke's photo, writing "love u forever moon of my life" along with numerous emoji hearts. Right. I can't hold them back, here come the tears...

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke played lovers in Game of Thrones and, even though their relationship didn't last too long on screen, they really made an impression on their fans. Of course, we were all glad to learn that their love for each other in the show translated into an adorable friendship in real life. Back in 2017, Clarke revealed the first time the pair met each other on set.

"I walked in and from the other side of this enormous lobby I hear 'WIFEY!'" Clarke said. "And this huge Hawaiian man comes bounding over to me, picks me up, and genuinely gets me in a rugby tackle to the floor. It was only when he picked me back up and kind of dusted me off that I was like, 'Who are you?'"

It's safe to say they've progressed a lot since then.