Jason Statham Fans Demand Justice After Prince William Is Named ‘Sexiest Bald Man’

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Compelling research into the “World’s Sexiest Bald Man” took place over the weekend…

And, as most of you will be aware, Prince William was crowned with the prestigious title.

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According to the very important study, the future King of England had been called “sexy” a whopping 17.6 million times on the search engine.

The Sun reports that cosmetic surgery specialists, Longevita, conducted the study by searching for how many times the royal had been called “sexy” in various online blogs and articles around the internet.

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Fascinating research, I know.

I can kind of see it?

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Anyway, the monarch beat many fine and balding contenders in his fight for the title of World’s Sexiest Bald Man.

According to the study, a number of hairless celebrities made the cut…

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Including boxing legend, Mike Tyson, musician, Pitbull, and NBA star, Michael Jordan.

Other notable figures in the top ten were:

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The Rock, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Floyd Mayweather, and Vin Diesel.

As per The Independent, a spokesperson from Longevita was quoted as saying:

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“There are quite a few bald public figures we can feast our eyes on.”

However, there is one bald contender whose loss people are feeling particularly upset about…

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And that’s Jason Statham’s.

The Hobbs & Shaw actor reportedly came in as the third sexiest bald man in the survey…

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Coming just behind Mike Tyson, who was in second place.

Well, his ranking has greatly upset many of his die-hard fans…

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And they have been taking to Twitter in gusto to dispute the result.

Stathamites aren’t happy…

Of course, Statham himself hasn’t addressed the online frenzy.

Though The Rock took to Twitter to express his disappointment in not his loss, but Larry David’s.
Never change, Dwayne.