Jay-Z Finally Joined Instagram, Immediately Gained 2 Million Followers, and Then Deleted the Account

We all know of a celebrity we wish had a social media account but instead chooses to sustain from it, right?

Well, after what seems like forever, Jay-Z finally decided to join Instagram and gained over 2 million followers. Eek. But, then, he deleted it. Ugh.

Jay-Z created an Instagram account on Tuesday, gaining 2 million followers, only to delete his account not long after.

Not strange at all.

The fifty-one-year-old Jay-Z, an American rapper, and entrepreneur, finally took it upon himself to join Instagram on Tuesday, as per the Daily Mail.

And he got to promote his new Netflix movie, The Harder They Fall to a mass of 2 million people. And just as his fans thought they were going to hear more from Jay-Z on the ‘gram, he decided to delete his account.

Instagram is not for everybody, but when you gain over 2 million followers in such a short period of time, you don’t usually take that lightly…

Unless of course, you’re Jay-Z.

But, before he said adios to his followers, or rather, left quite discreetly, he posted to his grid, advertising the new poster for the 2-hour long movie. And then he also took the opportunity to share a countdown video on his story, letting fans know when the film will be on Netflix.

And just like that, his Instagram days were over.

At least we still have Beyonce to be an Instagram Queen, right?

And being the sweetheart Jay-Z is, her account was the only account he followed, even if it was only for a minute.

So, why did he take his account down?

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It seems that Jay-Z only created a handle so that he could promote his new film. And boy, we can tell he’s excited to be a major producer in it.

Not excited enough to keep on gramming, though… That’s too bad, but Instagram just isn’t for this billionaire rapper.

If you’re still a bit upset that Jay-Z left Instagram before you got to see it, here are some accounts that might cheer you up until he makes his return: Jayzz_official, and allthingsjayz.