Jay Z Stopped Mid-Concert to Speak Directly to a 9-Year-Old Female Fan About Something Remarkable

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Jay Z stopped during a concert on Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio to deliver some kind words to a young girl in the front row. He’s on his 4:44 tour, which kicked off in October of this year. Fans were talking about this speech and a couple other memorable moments from his tour on Twitter.

Keep scrolling to see Jay Z’s inspiring message to his young fan.

Lebron James posted a picture of himself on the New York Knicks court a week ago and called himself the “King of New York” in the caption. New Yorkers are notoriously protective of their city and were not sure a guy from Ohio should get that title. Jay Z responded by taking a friendly jab at Lebron during his concert by declaring himself the “king of Cleveland”.

This fan said that Jay Z talked about the importance of mental health during a concert on his 4:44 tour. And he even brought up his stance on problems with the prison industrial complex.

Those offenses wouldn’t send him to jail by themselves, but he could now spend time in state prison because he was on parole while those things happened. Jay Z spoke out about how he thought the system isn’t made to help Meek Mill but actually to keep him behind bars.

He paused between songs and had a young girl come closer to the front so that he could talk to her, according to MTV. We’re so glad that someone captured the moment that warmed the hearts of so many fans.

Amanda Waller, who took the video, wrote, “My favorite moment of the concert [heart emoji] it was so amazing to see him uplift this beautiful black child like this.” The nine-year-old, who’d just been pulled up to the front of the crowd, looked up at him wide-eyed from behind the first barrier. Then Jay Z started talking directly to her…

“Okay?” The little girl nodded enthusiastically, clutching the barrier and looking up at Jay Z from the crowd.

He was probably referring to all of the sexual assault allegations that have been surfacing during the past month. Then he said, “You, young lady, you’ve got the potential to be the next president of the United States. You believe that. You understand? Okay.”

She held up nine fingers, “nine”. “I can count, too,” Jay Z continued, “Let me count this down.” He counted down to his next song with the girl he’d just been speaking to.

“Jay Z just told a 9 year old girl she could be president at his concert and I’m sobbing” wrote Ari-Ella. We can’t get enough of stories where young girls are lifted up and given great opportunities.

The lyrics to the song he was counting down to are not exactly kid-friendly, or female-friendly, for that matter. Although his songs are not entirely feminist-forward, we appreciate his inspiring words to this young fan and him speaking out on other important social issues.