Jeff Bezos Loses $2,900,000,000 Lawsuit Against NASA About Elon Musk’s SpaceX Contract

It seems as though Bezos and Musk really aren’t a fan of each other’s aspirations when it comes to space as Jeff Bezos has just lost a 2.9 billion dollar lawsuit against NASA about Elon Musk’s SpaceX contract.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin complaint against NASA was disregarded by a judge on Thursday.

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There’s always some complicated lawsuit when it comes to the rich, isn’t there?

But, to uncomplicate things, Bezos’s Blue Origin is mad because they think NASA awarding Musk’s SpaceX company a 2.9 billion dollar contract was unfair.

And, according to CITYA.M, Bezos’ aerospace company took the complaint all the way to the Government Accountability Office earlier this year.

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Nothing came of it, though. And, even though the complaint was shot down, the company tried again, but this time with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

But, wait, why did NASA sign a contract with SpaceX in the first place?

NASA signed a contract so that the Tesla CEO could help build a lunar lander, in order to transport astronauts to the moon via SpaceX, which was founded back in 2002.

And, so, what does this mean for Bezos?

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It merely means that the founder of Amazon, and space enthusiast, can’t yet supply NASA with his very own Blue Origin rockets for any lunar missions they’re planning in the near future.

This punch to the gut comes as Federal Judge Richard Hertling ruled against Bezos’ company in a U.S. Court of Federal Claims lawsuit against NASA, which was filed back in August, as per Forbes.

And, even though it wasn’t what Bezos wanted, he seemingly took it like a champ wishing both NASA and SpaceX the best of luck with their mission.

And, Blue Origin also commented on the situation in a statement, too, saying: “Returning astronauts safely to the Moon through NASA’s public-private partnership model requires an unprejudiced procurement process alongside sound policy that incorporates redundant systems and promotes competition. Blue Origin remains deeply committed to the success of the Artemis program.”

So, to sum it up…

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Bezos wasn’t all too happy that it was only the SpaceX company that was awarded the Human Landing System program contract when originally, 2 companies were supposed to be awarded the tremendous opportunity.

But, I guess he’s just going to have to wait and see what the future brings for him, right?