Jennifer Aniston Warns of Coronavirus With Picture and Story of Friend | 22 Words

Jennifer Aniston is truly America's sweetheart. She could never do wrong in the eyes of her fans... Or could she?

Recently, she may have got on the wrong side of them with a few posts telling people to wear masks. But her most recent one was a very scary photograph, and it's heartbreaking to see.

Keep scrolling to see the full post as well as her fans' reactions...

Jennifer Aniston has recently been under fire yet again.

Jennifer Aniston has recently found herself in the hot seat after she posted a heartbreaking photograph of her friend, but it didn't go down as well as she hoped...

But Jennifer Aniston has always been America's sweetheart.

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, California. She's the daughter of soap opera star John Aniston and actress Nancy Dow, and began starring in stage productions during the late '80s.

Jen primarily grew up with her mother...

Her parents divorced when she was 9 and with her dad working on the infamous soap opera, Days of Our Lives, she spent most of her time with her mom.

Jennifer landed her first acting job in 1987, with an uncredited role in the movie, Mac and Me.

She was brought up in Los Angeles, right in the heart of the action.

For the majority of her early career, Jen took on minor roles.

Although a booming acting career was always going to be on the cards...

She comes from strong acting roots.

Both her parents are actors and encouraged her interest in drama while at high school. So, it was only a matter of time before we saw her on the big screen.

But we all know what her career-defining role was...

The classic sitcom, Friends, shot Jen to stardom. She played daddy’s-girl-turned-business-woman, Rachel Green, perhaps one of the most lovable characters on the show.

She truly struck Hollywood gold.

She won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award during her tenure on the beloved show. Once the world was introduced to Rachel Green, there was no looking back for Jen...

And Rachel Green very quickly became a household name.

Jennifer fitted the role so well that she was often referred to as “Rachel from Friends," rather than her actual name. We've all been guilty of using this identification from time to time…

Our hearts were broken in 2004, however.

The beloved sitcom wrapped up after 10 seasons, leaving us to bid a reluctant farewell to our favorite group of friends.

Jen has starred in various other movies over the years...

Alongside Friends, Jen has starred in her fair share of comedies and rom-coms, such as Along Came Polly (2004), Rumor Has It (2005) and Horrible Bosses (2011).

In fact, she's become something of a rom-com native.

A cheesy rom-com just doesn't feel right without her.

She's managed to carve out a long-standing big-screen career following the conclusion of Friends

From indie movies like The Good Girl to big-budget smash hits like Bruce Almighty, Jen has well and truly kept in the game.

Although, she has been able to stray away from her usual rom-com-style roles.

Jen most recently starred in Apple TV's tense drama, The Morning Show, alongside Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

In fact, she bagged a SAG award for her role in the series.

Her portrayal of big-time news anchor, Alex Levy, impressed both fans and critics.

And she's somewhat been able to shake off her Friends image...

There's no doubt we'll always remember her as Rachel from Friends, but the fact that she now has such a huge movie catalog under her belt has allowed her to stray away from the sitcom slightly more than her former castmates.

There's no doubt that over the years, she's racked up a huge fanbase.

And this was proven when she broke a world record as the fastest time for an account to hit 1 million followers when she joined Instagram last year.

In fact, she temporarily crashed the entire app.

But it was all worth it - we absolutely live for her Instagram posts.

But she's gotten on the wrong side of some fans a few times...

It all started when Jen decided she was going to post this photo wearing a mask and giving us all some advice, but I bet she never expected this passionate reaction.

This user had some advice to combat Jen's...

I mean, if it was that easy @heavenlyhealthygourmet, then maybe the concept of herd immunity would have kicked in by now.

This user even went as far as to refer to her as a "puppet."

Have some respect for the nation's sweetheart.

It's almost ironic...

If the virus gets you, you won't be able to take in that oxygen you so badly crave.

But her most recent post has shocked a lot of people even more than her previous one.

A few days ago, the actress decided she was going to show us the consequences of not wearing a mask by sharing her friend's story.

She told us this:

"This is our friend Kevin. Perfectly healthy, not one underlying health issue. This is Covid. This is real." ⠀ "We can't be so naive to think we can outrun this...if we want this to end, and we do, right? The one step we can take is PLEASE #wearadamnmask."

She continued in her heartfelt caption:

"Just think about those who've already suffered through this horrible virus. Do it for your family. And most of all yourself. COVID affects all ages." "PS this photo was taken in early April. Thank god he has almost recovered now. Thank you all for your prayers." Keep scrolling to see the horrifying photograph.

Some people stood with her decision to post it...

Especially a lot of other celebrities who voiced their support.

But as good as her intentions were, the post wasn't received well by a lot of people.

Some questioned why she waited this long to post the picture... Maybe because she was too busy focussing on her friend's recovery as opposed to letting you know.

And this user questioned why she wasn't socially distancing in her posts...

So clearly they would rather point fingers than taking the advice that could save their lives.

This user recalled their own anecdote:

I don't think there's anything "lol" about it, to be honest.

And Yasmine started off well... And then ended like that.

"I'm using my rights vs "This isn't political?" Make it make sense, Yasmine.

And obviously, this wouldn't be complete without someone mentioning the elections or the fact that they're Republican...

Your president is now wearing a mask, so take after him.

This user also called her out for being "cheek to cheek with [her] friends."

This is because she was referring to this particular photograph also posted along with Kevin's story.

This was put on Jen's Instagram story after the initial post...

Slightly awkward.

Here's the full post that got everyone riled up:

We're just happy that Kevin is almost fully recovered. Jennifer Aniston is a strong woman for being able to combat all the hate. Read on to find out why else she's one of our inspirations...