Jennifer Garner Says Moms Will Put Joe Biden in the White House | 22 Words

Jennifer Garner has this week voiced her opinions on the up and coming elections, and she had some very warm words for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden...

The country has never before been so divided.

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As election day looms, the two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been gearing up in a last-ditch attempt to win over the hearts and the minds of American voters. And, as we very well expected, things were quick to turn ugly. Trump V Biden was never going to be a civilized affair, but the scenes that unfolded at the debut debate on September 30th were nothing short of brutal.

Tensions between the candidates have been bubbling for some time now...

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And it seemed that their mutual feelings of resentment finally reached a boiling point.

There were many eye-opening moments from the ninety-minute debate.

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For example...

The President was grilled on the newly surfaced allegations regarding his income tax.

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Asked if it was true that he paid just $750 in income tax in 2016, as reported by The New York Times last week, Trump said, without hesitation: "I paid millions of dollars in taxes, of income tax." Biden used this opportunity to ask for evidence of these tax payments, adding that Trump "takes advantage of the tax code."

Trump was also asked to condemn white supremacist groups...

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But instead chose to focus on the left. He said: "Sure I'm willing to do that, but almost everything I see is from the left-wing. I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace." And, when asked to give this group of people a name, he responded with "Proud Boys." Proud Boys, a neo-Nazi organization, appeared to use Trump's "stand back, stand by" call in a new logo posted on Telegram shortly after the debate.

The President did provide some good news with regards to a coronavirus vaccine, however.

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When Biden pointed out that 200,000 Americans have died during the pandemic as a result of the President's "lack of plan", Trump retaliated by insisting that "millions would have died if Biden was in charge." He then added that the US is "weeks away" from a vaccine, and his administration had done a "great job."

Biden's son, Hunter, was then dragged back into the firing line.

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The President brought up Biden's son, claiming the mayor of Moscow's wife gave him millions of dollars and raising questions over his links with Ukraine. He also mentioned Hunter's drug problems.

Clearly, his words about Hunter hit a nerve with Biden.

"His family we can talk about all night," Biden clapped back, adding that "it's hard to get any word in with this clown - excuse me, this person". The pair also clashed over Biden's now-deceased son, Beau, and his military service.

The insults continued to flow.

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"Everything he's saying here is simply a lie, everybody knows he's a liar," Biden said during an exchange about healthcare. He also called Trump "the worst president this country has ever had."

And, of course, President Trump didn't take them quietly.

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Not to be outdone, Trump got in plenty of digs as well, firing at his opponent: "There's nothing smart about you Joe. Forty-seven years, you've done nothing."

But, despite their many valiant attempts to slander one another...

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It seems that neither candidate truly won the debate.

Neither performed to their best capabilities.

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The New York Post asked 3 political analysts to rate the candidates across a range of issues, such as COVID-19, the economy, and race, violence, and law enforcement.

The analysts were far from impressed.

Liz Benjamin, an election night analyst for The Post, said: “This was a wash. Both candidates accomplished what they had to do by playing to their respective bases and avoiding any disqualifying gaffes. There were memorable moments - ‘Would you shut up, man’ - but no balls knocked out of the park," she added, referencing one of Biden’s interjections.

And the debate has ultimately failed to unite the country...

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Because voters still remain divided.

Despite his major blunders and tasteless words regarding coronavirus, Trump supporters remain confident in the president.

But, on the other hand, team Biden is stronger than ever, with the other side of the country remaining hopeful for a new era of presidency.

And the latest person to voice their support for the Biden-Harris campaign?

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Well, it's none other than actress, Jennifer Garner.

The 13 Going on 30 star recently gave her opinion on the upcoming elections...

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And, in doing so, she sang the praises of her friends, Joe and Jill Biden.

Jen is clearly gearing up for a Biden-run America...

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And she believes that the country's moms are, too.

Speaking with Jill Biden on an Instagram Live chat, the actress discussed what the country needs in a leader.

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"I think it's easy just to be uncomfortable talking politics or feeling like a celebrity is endorsing a candidate and what do they even know - but I actually know you and we have worked together. And we are friends, and it is important to talk about," Jennifer said, before commending Jill for her service as a teacher, and her "sacred pact" with her students.

They discussed a number of topics during their twenty-minute conversation...

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Including the essential role mothers play in the country, especially as the coronavirus pandemic impacts so many families.

And, when Jill commended all the heroic mothers providing for their families while their partners are deployed in different countries, Jennifer quipped:

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"I think moms, we get it done. I think moms are gonna put you in the White House, I do."

You can watch Jennifer and Jill's full chat here.

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