Jennifer Lawrence Just Grilled Kim Kardashian on Her Relationship With Blac Chyna

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On Thursday, Oscar-award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, ending a week of guest hosts for the late night show, which started with Shaquille O’Neal, followed by Dave Grohl and Channing Tatum.

Lawrence, who was so excited to host the show, she joked about not accepting pay (“It was an honor to be asked to fill in for Jimmy tonight. I was so excited to do this; I even told the producers, ‘I don’t even want any money for this.’ And they said, ‘No, Jennifer, we insist on paying you… 29 percent less than the male guest hosts’”) made sure she saved an interview for the woman she is obsessed with.

And of course, she came with all the best questions. “Do you think it’s a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks just like you?” Lawrence asked as soon as Kardashian West sat down. “I don’t.”

“I’ve never seen my mom more drunk in our lives,” Kardashian West recalled. “It was so funny.” Lawrence also talked about getting naked in Jenner’s closet and demanding Kardashian West style her – to very stylish results.

“What do you guys think about Blac Chyna?” Lawrence asked. Blac Chyna is the estranged fiancé of Robert Kardashian, who filed a lawsuit against the family, blaming them for the demise of the pair’s milquetoast reality show Rob and Chyna.

Rob posted nude pictures of Chyna on social media – which is a crime – and Chyna put out a restraining order accusing him of domestic abuse.

“Umm… you know, I always said that when someone was gonna ask me… you know, Dream is gonna see this one day and so I think it’s just super respectful to not say this about my niece’s mom,” Kardashian West finally answered. You can watch the question at the 17:50 mark. The interview wrapped up with Lawrence giving a quick shout out to Kardashian West’s new makeup line. Jimmy Kimmel, Jennifer Lawrence is coming for your seat!