Unless you've been hiding away from the world and all of its recent misery, then chances are you heard the news that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back!

And now, Bennifer have made a stunning appearance at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. It's as if they were never apart!

But before we get into all that, let's have a little bit of context shall we.

Both Affleck and Lopez have had quite a life in the limelight when it comes to romance (and movies, obviously). The pair first started dating back in 2002 after they starred in the infamous flop, Gigli, together.

Tragically, however, their love was short lived, much to the upset of fans across the globe, and the couple separated just two years later in 2004.


It was dead in the water. But then seemingly out of absolutely nowhere, earlier this year reports began surfacing that the former A-list couple were dating once again.

But just how did Affleck do it? Well, he went about it the old fashioned way, the tried and tested way, the foolproof way to win anyone's heart: He simply just complimented her about how well she looked. And did it work? Well look at their most recent snaps.

Now. There's been more than a handful of photos of Affleck and Lopez together over the past few months. But most of them have been no more than a distant paparazzi shot, or maybe a quick second glance of them together in the background of another celebrities Instagram post. But now, it's more legit than ever - with them attending the Venice Film Festival together and posing for a plethora of professional photos.

Affleck can be seen sporting a classic black suit, while Lopez opted for a more glamorous white plunge dress by Georges Hobeika which she accessorized with Cartier jewelry, specifically a bracelet, ring, and earrings with radiant yellow diamonds. Cartier is the official jewelry sponsor of the festival.


In the photographs the pair can be seen holding hands and looking delighted to be spending some time back in the limelight together.

These photos emerged just 24 hours after the pair were spotted walking around Venice yesterday looking very happy together, again hand in hand.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 in July, Lopez opened up about just how happy she is to be back with Affleck:

I'm super happy. I know people are always wondering. How are you? What's going on? Are you okay? This is it. I've never been better. And I want my people who care about me because I care about them so much, to know that I've really gotten to a place in my life where I'm great on my own. And I think once you get to that place, then amazing things happen to you that you never imagine in your life happening again. And so that is where I'm at. And I love all the love that's coming my way right now and all of the, the good wishes. And I just want everybody to know that it's the best time. It's the best time of my life.

We're happy too Bennifer!