The biggest night in the sporting calendar arrived once again on Sunday.  The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Francisco 49ers in the 54th annual Super Bowl at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

But we all know that the Super Bowl is as much as about the music as it is football. And Sunday night's long-awaited half-time show performance has got everyone talking so much so that the entire internet is now filled with J-Lo and Shakira memes.

Keep scrolling to see why they didn't get paid...

Shakira and JLo took on this year's halftime show.

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The show marked the first time the music icons have performed on stage together.

Both stars offered their thoughts on taking to the stage together.

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"Ever since I saw Diana Ross fly off into the sky at the halftime show, I dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl," Jennifer Lopez said. "And now it's made even more special not only because it's the NFL's 100th season, but also because I am performing with a fellow Latina. I can't wait to show what us girls can do on the world's biggest stage."

And their performance got everyone talking.

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Anticipation was sky high and it seems everyone has been saying the same thing about the pair's long-awaited performance - and let's just say Twitter had a lot to say about it!

On singing along.

Some tunes are basically irresistible, right?

On revenge.

She really showed them!

On Easter.

We second that motion.

On fitness.

We're not jealous - you are.

On Latinx pride.

2 absolute icons.

On that tongue thing.

One of the greatest mysteries of our time.

On She Wolf.

Truly, a banger.

On that tongue thing (again).

Weird enough to warrant 2 comparisons.

On Pitbull.

Not everyone can keep up!

On comparisons.

This is actually kinda spooky.

On pride.

Truly representing in the best possible way.

On bar bathrooms.

Honestly, it's a blessing this isn't recorded.

On dancing.

We can only dream about being as skilled as these 2.

On Hustlers.

Might as well use what you've got!

On what we all came for.

Sports? I don't know her.

On athleticism.

We know who we're impressed by.

On poles.

She's skilled, you've got to give her that.

On... feelings.

We can't be the only ones.

On excitement.

Long may this continue!

On fan service.

We love her for it.

On opening strong.

Start as you mean to go on.

On style icons.

We see no difference.

On Puerto Rico.

We love this move.

On iconic images.

This one will surely go down in history.

On aging.

These 2 are totally inspirational.

On making a statement.

This was a truly iconic moment.


She did it - there's no denying it.

On important issues.

This brought a tear to our eye, too.

On priorities.

We all know what we were watching for.

On "Hips Don't Lie."

Contender for greatest song in the world?

On Trump.

Show us the lie.

On 2020.

Could this be the first bit of good news?

On memorials.

This would be a perfect one!

And after giving us such an iconic stage, you would expect the two performers to secure a hefty paycheck... right?

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Well, it only makes sense that they are rewarded for putting on the show of a lifetime. However, that might not be the case...

According to business outlets, neither Shakira or J-Lo will receive a cent for their efforts.

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Forbes took it upon themselves to explain to us that this is normal tradition for performers who take the coveted halftime slot at the Super Bowl.

Even though they don't pay the performers directly, they pay a "union scale."

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This means that the NFL are responsible for picking up the tab for costumes, lighting, hair and makeup, dance crews and everything else involving the performance which ranks up to approximately 10 million dollars. So I guess that kind of helps out...

And that's not all...

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The 2 performers get to see a drastic increase in their online streams. Just on Spotify alone, J-Lo saw her numbers increase by a whopping 335% while Shakira jumped 230%. And this also occurred for Demi Lovato, who sang the national anthem on the night and guests Bad Bunny and J Balvin who all saw their numbers double up.

So, I guess they don't really need a check...

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The exposure alone was enough. Along with the halftime show, there was another Super Bowl moment that got the whole internet talking. Scroll on to see it.